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CAST: Santiago Santos, Jen Rodgers

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2016

Santiago Santos vs. Ken Rodgers

It’s a barefoot battle between two tenacious muscle pups. Santiago Santos is looking more cut than ever, stretching it out on the black mats. His arms are bigger. His toned body more defined, as his olive complexion reflects the warm lighting of the locker room. As his opponent-to-be approaches, Santos gives his yellow speedos a flick, lowering them just enough to expose his breathtaking inguinal creases, so smooth and deep one can’t help fantasizing about running one's tongue up and down them. But lean and tall Ken Rodgers has other plans today. You see, both muscle pups were told to report here by the coach for the purpose of choosing a team captain. But coach is nowhere to be seen. Was this the make them fight for it? Hehe, if so, let’s go!

They circle like cats, bodies primed and ready for a real fight, suddenly colliding in a trash talking tussle, until taller Rodgers secures a headlock which allows him to promenade his olive-skinned opponent all around the mat.

“You’re a little bitch!” Santos grunts, before enduring a fast pummeling from Rodgers’ nasty fists. Soon Santos finds himself knees-deep in the mat, tasting Rodgers’ forearm as he locks on a brutal sleeper that any coach would admire. Legs locked together in a session of mutual squeezing, both men throw their heads back, moaning in agony.

“This is getting too easy for me. I need a fight!” Rodgers dares. “We havin’ fun yet?”

Santos charges Rodgers, who successfully launches him straight into the air, gaining tremendous air, only to find himself headlocked again. Backbreakers, ball crushing, and a pair of sweaty, flawless bods smashing, grinding, and truly pushing each other to the limits. One man is victorious.

One man is decimated. Wherever our mysterious coach may be, he’s certainly smiling.

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