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CAST: Ken Daniels, Mark Wolff,


RELEASE DATE: 6/2/2003

Where¹s Mark? That¹s what we¹ve been hearing for a while, so Boss Sexton reached into the vault and pulled out this gem. This is one of Can-Am¹s most enduring stars, in all his prime, against fellow body-beautiful Ken Daniels. Round one goes back and forth pretty evenly with Nelsons, forearm slams, headlocks, arm stretches, chokes, and ball grabs. But not to be missed is Ken¹s gasp inducing leg scissors. Those tree trunk legs almost squeeze Mark into submission. Mark gets even with a relentless surfboard, but it¹s not enough to take the round. He comes out swinging for round two, and stuns Ken with a rapid succession of back breaking forearms, leg and arm stretches, ankle breaking foot twists, and an arm bar. With Ken down on the mat, Mark throws in a painful chest rake and ball twist for good measure. Ken comes back with a hot hammerlock that sends Mark to his knees - but not for long. Ken is still winded, and Mark puts him out with a sleeper. Ken must have benefited from the short nap, because he powers through the start of round three with a series of knee blows to the chest. But what¹s that hiding in Mark¹s boot? Is Mark going to fight extra dirty today? Or will he stick to the crushing bear hug he uses to stun Ken once again? When Ken reverses and leg locks Mark¹s neck, the decision is made and Mark pulls out the shank and intimidates Ken into another submission - and over to the oil. The slip and slide action has a couple of surprises, and the always hot dangling dick and ball grabs. Muscle Match 3 is a showcase of Can-Am's classic "muscles in distress" style - with two cum shots!

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