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CAST: Dolph, Justin

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2004

This is what it’s all about. Two massive slabs of muscular perfection, boiling over with testosterone, unleashed against each other in the ring. Justin caused quite a stir among you fans when he debuted in Gladiators, chained to an obelisk and flogged by Mark Wolff. And Dolph carried the torch of Russian athletic prowess with his debut in Supermatch Thirteen. With Boss Sexton observing these two hulking body beautiful muscle Gods pacing the halls of our Toronto studio, the Muscle Match series was born. Of course any time you get two bodybuilders in the same room, they try to out macho each other with their boasts of strength. And these two are no exception. After puffing out their chests, Dolph tells Justin he’s surprised that Justin even had the balls to show up for the match - and so it begins. Round one is all about brute strength, and Justin seems to have the edge here. There’s as much preening and posing as there are tests of strength, bear hugs, hammer locks, scissors and choke holds. Not only are they trying to submit each other, but they want to be sure they look good doing it! But late in the round, the nastiness begins when Justin breaks an arm bar with a ball grab and then continues the testicular torture with a gas peddle. Justin finally takes the round with a crushing bear hug. It looks like round two is going to continue Justin’s dominance. His Russian pride hurt, Dolph decides that Justin’s weak spot is going to be his neck. Dolph’s relentless forearm, calf and foot choke holds wear down the burly Justin. Dolph manages to take round two with a combination semi-Nelson and ball twist, parading Justin around the ring until he drops. Dolph continues his cheap shot ways in round three, even resorting to a Tyson-inspired ear bite. But Justin does not give up and eventually pins Dolph’s shoulders to the mat with his knees. He tells Dolph to suck his dick and Dolph spits and struggles. But the struggling only allows Justin to get Dolph into a Schoolboy Pin. Now Dolph has two choices, open up or give up. Perhaps sadly for us, he chooses to give up. Now free, he verbally attacks Justin’s manhood all over again and demands one last round in the oil. There, the mood is slightly different as they take their time oiling up each other’s bodies and admiring their muscles. Maybe Dolph just wants to lull Justin into submission as his oily hand makes its way under Justin’s waistband. But Justin stops him. If he wants to see the dick, Dolph has to keep wrestling. In the oil, Dolph’s limberness gives him the edge and his swimsuit makes a great new choking device. This action gets extremely sexy with plenty of dick grabbing and dry humping. Someone has to win, but you’ll have to watch to find out who. Your reward - double cum shots!

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