BG Wrestling

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CAST: Nick Steel


RELEASE DATE: 3/9/2019

Nick has trained hard and gained much muscle and definition. You will be amazed at what he has done to his body. The last time he appeared for BG, Nick was 20 years old. In this video he is 25 years old. His face and body have matured - all to the good. We have him working out at a gym, posing in between exercises. We put him into a variety of gear, which show off his amazing ass. In a more private area, the cameraman's hands just can't keep from feeling up his muscles as he flexes and poses. There is a stairs gear and non-gear walk. Again, that amazing butt is on full display. Check out those legs. Thigh muscles for days. Cut calves. He then sits down, takes his cock in hand, and puts on one hell of a jack-off show. BG just couldn't resist adding a bonus - the Magic Hands Nick did prior to the year 2000. The "Hands" have full rein - from the top of his head to that hard as nails butt to that other "head". In fact the Magic Mouth makes one of its rare appearances.

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