Mr. Blue

Jet Set Productions

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CAST: Chance Caldwell, Rick Estephan, Bo Stallion, Dallas Taylor, Gabriel Lee, Jason Nikas, Kip Kasey, Todd Stevens

DIRECTOR: Paul Baressi

RELEASE DATE: 5/24/1996

While not one of director Barresi's best, this is still a gorgeously mounted production. Opening with a long tracking shot of a sprawling country mansion, vast gardens and classical piano, Barresi's films look like no others (yes, that was a compliment).

The mysterious Mr. Blue (as "Himself") is a kind of good witch, who peruses the countryside granting wishes for those he deems worthy. First, Kip Kasey is coming out to his wife, who wants him out. Mr. Blue rescues him from near suicide and into the arms of his new love, super-schlonged Todd Stevens.

Next we get a subtitled Chance Caldwell (like Ah-Nuld, his English seems to get worse the longer he lives in the States) go-go dancing to baroque music, while seducing his cute boyfriend Rick Estephan.

A young brat is forced to service a swarthy black drill sergeant (Bo Stallion) after the brat's grandfather appeals to Mr. Blue for help. Their coupling is a nasty daddy pleaser.

In the last story, we find Dallas Taylor lamenting his breakup with Gabriel Lee, who is soon reunited with him thanks to Blue. Their outdoor session is hot and nasty (lots of sweaty assplay).

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