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CAST: Sasha, Sylvio, Celestino, Kevin,


RELEASE DATE: 12/13/2006

Boss Sexton returns to his roots in Montreal Stripper Fights. He has always had an eye for those super seductive men who will have you lustily stuffing five dollar bills down their pants, hoping for a touch of glory. And these four ripped and ready strippers do not dissappoint! Set on an alluring stage in the heart of the city, match one features Sasha and Sylvio. These two are used to fighting for your attention, and each tries to outdo the other. But, in then end, like all strippers, it comes down to a bit of narcissism. They stroke off a hot load to their own reflections! Meanwhile backstage, super muscular Nubian God Celestino, and wild child Kevin go at it down and dirty. Anyone who tattoos “SLAVE” boldy above their crotch is sure to get nasty! Let him show you nasty! Woof!

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