Mind Control


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CAST: Billy Watt (Troy Punk), Jimmy Dean, Mikal Falcon, Roger Marvick (Big Roger)

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 5/11/2003

Mind Control is a nasty and sexy new twist in the Hard Heroes video series. Silverback (Roger Marvick) and Falcon (Mikal Falcon) have been captured and placed in another dimension by the Brain - a mysterious self sufficient organic mean machine able to control the thoughts and actions of all who come near. And the Brain knows what it likes - delectable super heroes! It wants to make a deal, though. If Bam-Bam (Billy Watt) and Cross (Jimmy Dean) come to its lair on Anka 26, it will do an exchange for their super friends. But holy hellholes Bam-Bam, because after tele-transporting to the Brain’s lair, he and Cross find themselves in a dastardly trap! The Brain now has them all in its depraved control. Without a body of its own, the Brain delights in using the bodies of super heroes to entertain itself. The four end up with control collars around their necks so that the Brain can force them to do as it pleases. The Brain makes the heroes kiss each other, strip each other, and battle each other. Tired of Silverback, the Brain has him end up in a sleeper and choked out. He leaves his depravity to Bam-Bam to suck off Cross and cum. The Brain has Cross dispose of Bam-Bam before instructing Cross to fuck Falcon. They eventually pass out, and the Brain’s attention is diverted long enough for a rejuvenated Silverback and Bam-Bam to return and be able to remove their collar restraints. They manage to destroy the Brain and rescue their friends. But is the Brain truly dead? Or has its evil power transferred to a new host? Stay tuned!

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