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CAST: Brian Maxon, Doug Brandon,


RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2007

When Boss Sexton took Brian Maxon with him on a recent business trip to the Can-Am Studios in Toronto, there should have been a sign up sheet for the Toronto wrestlers who wanted a piece of Maximum Maxon. Among those pushing the hardest for some MM action was bad ass Doug Brandon.... and the resulting MAXON VS BRANDON meatbeater is worth an immediate order call to 1-800-603-5109. As Brandon bulks up, his signature silver trunks get smaller and tighter; and MM's royal blue bikinis look like they're going to explode trying to contain his massive ever hard meat cannon. With no rules, and no holds barred, Maxon and Brandon go straight for each others' balls from the start with Maxon taking the first fall submission using a torso leg lock back breaker. Sweating hard and pissed off, Brandon takes the second fall from MM with a leg lock skull breaker and free hand ball crusher. Battling back, MM makes Brandon's balls bark from abuse, then chokes him out cold for the third fall. Not done with bad ass Brandon, MM drags him to the oil pit, strips him, and they punish each others' bodies to the brink of exhaustion before MM finally forces Brandon's final submission with a combo back breaker and one more ball crusher. Physically spent but body contact aroused, both musclehunks pump off punishment gushers guaranteeing you the best bare assed ball bashing $29 bucks you can spend.

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