Mat BeatDown 1

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Matt Miller, Mason Black

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2016

Newcomers in a new series! Mat Beatdown 1 features Matt Miller and Mason Black, going at in in coral colored Speedos. Miller boasts an epic muscle ass, while Black is a slim and scrappy kid who’s ready to prove himself on the mats.

There’s something thrilling about watching two newbies discovering their skills. Viewers can’t predict how a match will go. The fighters themselves have no idea where they will end up. Miller promised Boss Sexton “I will do WHATEVER it takes to win...nothing is off limits for me!”, and true to his word, Miller finds his metal first, digging into Black like a hungry animal, as he crushes the kid’s windpipe and pulls his ear close to his mouth, where he hisses insults so seductively Black is completely undone. Black takes a face dive into the mat, where Miller wastes no time yanking the kid’s Speedo up so hard his asshole must be screaming in agony. Black staggers to his feet, too shaken to adjust the painful wedgie.

Miller grinds Black’s face into the mat again, groping his ass cheeks and spitting on his back. Soon Miller finds Black’s balls, and puts the squeeze on with all the grinding, sadistic relish of a young Jobe Zander! Black’s weakness only seems to motivate Miller more, as the light-skinned wrangler rides and grinds against the bronze-skinned sapling.

Black suffers beautifully, his adorable face twisted in expressions of sweaty agony. Miller seems to inflate with pride and superiority, daring Black to face him in a test of strength. Black, trembling like a little lamb, answer the challenge, finally gaining ground when Miller falters for a moment. Now Black has the advantage, attacking his master’s face with groping fingers. But the giant doesn’t like this game, and soon Black is face-down in the mat again, his pretty ass being smacked, slapped, beaten, wedgied, and brutalized, and his cock and balls being twisted like a jammed doorknob.

It’s one hell of a hot mat beatdown in this feisty new series!

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