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CAST: Ken Scott, Justin Mycles, Marc Stone, Lorenzo Vargas

DIRECTOR: Matthew Moore

RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2008

Mat Attack shot to the top of our sales charts and generated a mountain of letters and e-mail, so Boss Sexton listened and has created a whole series! And the boys at Jet Set came through with two more spectacular hunk debuts: lusty Latino, Lorenzo Vargas, and shredded boy-next-door, Ken Scott. Veteran fan favorites Justin Mycles (Dante`s Champions - LIVE, Mopped Up, Sex Submissions) and Marc Stone (Mat Attack 1) are back and ready to slam some ass on the mats. But remember, in a Mat Attack, dicks get slammed down throats and into asses, too! First up are Justin and Ken. Biding his time flexing and posing in the gym mirror, Ken obviously loves showing off his flawless body. Ken certainly has the strength, but does he have the moves? Justin bustles in and is unimpressed by the newbie. He has eaten the Can-Am mats at the hands of some of our best wrestlers, and he`s managed to learn a thing or two. Justin`s primed and ready to rule the roost this time out, and dominates early on. Ken has to swallow that big, pierced cock and it makes him want revenge. Ken has a few moves in him, too, and soon Justin is back eating the mat, and eating Ken`s meaty tool. Naked in the third round, balls, dicks, and nipples are fair game as each struggles to keep from giving up their ass. It could go either way, but Justin finally has his day, and makes someone else eat the mat while he slams it home! The second match features spicy Lorenzo Vargas against doe-eyed built beauty, Marc Stone. Lorenzo may be new, but he understands what`s at stake. He`s horny and full of cum and if he has to wrestle to get that big uncut cock serviced, so be it! Since Lorenzo towers over Marc, he thinks this will be easy, so we didn`t tell him that Marc was a championship wrestler in high school. But we also didn`t tell Marc about Lorenzo`s signature move: the forced kiss. They`re both in for surprises, but you know you`re going to get two hot blowjobs and one hot fuck. Launch your own attack now!

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