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CAST: Bart Tyler, Doug Brandon, Guy Bolton, Mark Wolff, Skip Roberts, Tom Flex,


RELEASE DATE: 8/22/2011

Gentlemen, "MARK WOLFF`S FOUR STAR FANTASY" is actually Can-Am boss Ron Sexton`s four match (2 pro / 2 oil), five cum shot, jack-off erota-wrestling actioner guaranteed to blow your mind and your wads. After shooting these four matches in Can-Am`s Toronto studio, Vancouver-based studio manager Mark Wolff relaxes in his hotel room watching the pair-ups while jacking off to his hot, sweaty, bare assed, hardbody action with Guy Bolton in (oil) match one; Bart Tyler in (pro) match two; Doug Brandon in (oil) match three; and Skip Roberts in (pro) match four. Who wins which matches? We`ll only tell you this much, Mark Wolff suffers and wins two, suffers and loses two, but all four of his opponents pump off a massive cum shot at the end of their match as Mark strokes his own massive meat cannon to an explosive finale that makes "MARK WOLFF`S FOUR STAR FANTASY" a five star, five cum shot MUST for your collections. Produced and directed by Ron Sexton, Tom Flex`s in-your-face camera work captures the sweat-wet straining muscles, rip-stripped bare asses, pumped-to-explode hard cocks, endless sadistic agony, and multiple eruption cum shots guaranteeing "MARK WOLFF`S FOUR STAR FANTASY" a top spot among Can-Am`s all time best sellers.

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