BG Wrestling

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CAST: Johnny Thrust, Paul Morgan, Todd Stevens


RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2019

The “Hands” were eager to get their grip on Johnny’s huge cock as well as his cute ass, and they make the most of it. Bisexual Johnny enjoys looking at a girlie mag, but also, as is obvious, is enjoying the erotic manipulations of the “Hands”. He finally is so totally worked up that he has to take his “thing” in his own hands and work it up to a nice cumshot.

Sometimes Paul Morgan is referred to as “the geyser”. When the “Hands” jackoff Paul successfully, you will see why he got this nickname. BG knew this was “cuming”, so he backed up the camera to allow lots of room for a terrific visual. The video starts off with Paul modeling a jockstrap. He’s checking himself out in the mirror, back and front. He then lays down on a couch, takes up a magazine, and starts to get horney. The “Hands” certainly are. They erotically massage Paul. He rolls over and the “Hands” insert an electronic gadget into his gorgeous butt. He digs it. Eventually rolling back over the “Hands” jack him off into a geyser-like cumshot. But the “Hands” are still horny. Paul takes a shower, the “Hands” follow, and eventually jackoff on to Paul’s butt.

In order to get motivated Todd requested that BG put on a video of one of the better looking and big cocked blond guys that were Magic Handed. BG chose Jason Cobain. That did the trick, as Todd started rubbing his cock. The “Magic Hands” then take over and had their way with Todd, motivating his cock into a huge hard-on. Lots of jacking, fingerfucking, and tit rubbing; some ass smacking as well. Todd takes things in hand and gives us a huge cumshot. The “Hands” follow him into the shower to rub him fore and aft with soap and water. We call Todd “two handfuls” – because that is what it takes to properly jack him off.

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