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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Landon Mycles


RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2016

Typical tale. It could happen to you. Two dudes meet in the locker room at the gym. One of them is older, more experienced, and understandably cocky, almost endearingly so. His body is sick, a thing molded like clay by an artist. Who is this experienced body bodacious? None other than Aryx Quinn (aka Tristan Baldwin), skin baked red from the California sun. He doesn’t waste his time fighting for titles or bragging rights, not anymore. Quinn fights for stakes, or so he says, as he retrieves a bunch of condoms from within his locker, holding them up like the ultimate symbol of his desired win.

Landon Mycles is the youthful studpuppy who happens to collide with Quinn. There’s a light in his eyes, an eagerness that begs for a long, hot, sweaty fight to the finish. Asses on the line, the two men lockup, in what can only be the most sexually charged and mutually attracted pairing of two wrestlers in some time.

Clad in orange and yellow speedos, their colliding asses together look like a glorious sunset. A flex-off and initiating series of holds leaves both men dripping with sweat. Quinn finds himself gleefully and willingly running his tongue up and down the kid’s armpit, licking every last drop of sweat from those slick crevies. Mycles sinks his teeth into those inflated pecs, as both dudes roll, kick, and curse, without ever losing that obvious spark between them.

Faces are straddled, cocks are caressed, abs are abused, speedos are snapped, and legs are used as torture vices. Nastyboy Mycles enjoys mocking Quinn’s age, as Quinn’s massive meat cannon blossoms out of those yellow speedos like a beanstalk reaching for the cloud kingdom. Suddenly Quinn in on his knees, sucking Mycles’ balls like a hoover and going to town on his ripe nipples, before wrapping Mycles’ own arm around his neck and jerking himself on the kid’s sweaty back.

Suddenly they’re kissing, and the complicated dance between two thoroughly aroused fighters grows more complicated, as one wrestling holds after another leads to full nudity, feet pointed skyward in ass-eating ecstasy, rough fingerbanging, moaning deep-throat action and some good old fashioned hardcore fucking! Nothing is off limits in this hot as hell fight, and fuck, to the finish!

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