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CAST: Sammy Gee, Jay Moore, Rush, Ron Rougeaux,


RELEASE DATE: 6/10/2005

LEAN AND MEAN - Pro WrestlingTWO MATCH CARD. MATCH 1. RUSH VS JAY MOORE: Geared in red trunks and red boots, Rush has the sides of his head shaved G.I. style. Bigger in size and mouth than JayMoore, these two clean cut hunks seem to be pretty evenly matched on a skill level. Compact Jay Moore wears blue trunks and black boots. Working every opportunity...sportsman-like or not...Rush takes the first fall by sitting on Moore's throatand pulling his legs up into a suffocatingly unbreakable cradle. Jay Moore is on the offensive in fall 2. Jay rips Rush's trunks off and smothers him out cold with them. Both buck ass naked for fall 3, the boys seem to get off punishing each other. Both target the other's bare balls. Bigger stronger Rush finally puts Jay Moore out of commission with a forearm choke. Then Rush drags Moore out of the ring onto the floor where they both beat their meat to showy climaxes. Which one cums first.....winner or loser? MATCH 2: SAMMY GEE VS RON ROUGEAUX. Variety being the backbone of porno, bout 2 features two totally different body types for your viewing pleasure. Muscular, sorter and more compact....shaved head Sammy Gee fully fills out a very small pair of purple trunks. Taller, tightly muscled with zero bodyfat, Frenchman Ron Rougeaux takes a lot of submission hold punishment. But tall Ron dangles short Sammy in a prolonged full nelson blackout for fall one. Sammy gets the Frenchman's trunks off soon into fall 2, turns up the steam, and takes Rougeaux to hell and back....but young Ron refuses to give. Who knew Frenchmenwere so stubborn? So Sammy just keeps on punishing Rougeaux until he wears himself out...never getting a submission. The kid must love pain. He likes to jack off too. Rougeaux and Gee get down to some serious meat beating outside the ring. Hot shorthunk Sammy...and uncut lean machine take their time...priming their cocks.... making sure you catch up with them to all blow wads together. This is hard fought pro wrestling. 100% wrestling. Nothing but wrestling.

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