Red Moon / Close-Up Men

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CAST: ariel santos, dante foxx, logan reed, michael vista, mike mitchell, vic hall

DIRECTOR: Steven Walker

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2001

In his exciting new video, Nick Jordan has put together three vignettes that will leave you knowing...when you break rules, you get punished. The punishment is given by three heavy handed, studs that are relentless. The results are stinging, red whipped butts on fire.

Hunky and furry Logan Reed welcomes video newcomer Mike Mitchell to heaven, shortly after which he's shown a reflection of his life. We see he's made some serious mistakes and realizes he's not such an angel after all. The scene turns dark and Logan becomes his punisher. He whips him, degrades him, and spanks his ass red hot. All through out, our little angel begs for him to stop but to no avail. He then gets his pretty ass fucked but not before giving some hot head to his punisher. They both shoot great loads but especially a hot big load from newcummer Mike's uncut dick.

A cocky tattooed stud, Vic Hall, lands in a Mexican Prison. The guard, Ariel Santos, torments him but this prisoner can't keep his mouth shut and obey. He gets it good from the guard who spanks him over his knee as the prisoner writhes all over the place. The guard makes him endure the pain including the pain of his big uncut dick up the prisoner's ass. After it's all over will he break the rules again? He looks pretty worn down after the big heavy hand of the guard.

A young man finds himself at the foot of an 18th century judge. In his chambers found guilty the prisoner, Mike Vista, receives some of his punishment while the Judge looks on. His punisher the 'Master of that which is below,' Dante Foxx comes forward to use the whip on him, then taken him below to be frightened and tormented. The prisoner is spanked more but his ass is desired by the Master. Soon the Master reveals himself taking off his mask, then his wanting tongue finds it's way to Mikes red, ripe ass. But the Judge wants to see the finish so he's taken from the dungeon back to the judges chambers for more spanking and an awesome fuck. Both shoot hot manloads of cum.

Each scene in this video has very hard spanking that will leave you cringing and stimulated at the sound and the sight. All three scenes have an luscious uncut dick in them that will leave you thirsting for the taste of foreskin.

(Includes a preview for DON'T TEASE ME 2!)

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