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CAST: Paul Perris, Bart Tyler, Steve Troy,


RELEASE DATE: 2/20/2007

In Boss Sexton's new series debut best seller KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT WRESTLING ONE, the "Punishers" were big Bart Tyler and musclestud Steve Troy. Their victim was bulked up bad ass Doug Brandon, and his pro-action into bondage and oil pit punishment was brutal. Predictably, Can-Am's self-proclaimed "Punishment King" Paul Perris told Boss Sexton that "mat punk" Brandon not only deserved what he got, but "wimped out" getting it. Then Perris challenged Sexton to let him show Brandon, Tyler, and Troy how "The King" takes care of business. Gentlemen, you won't believe your eyes watching Paul Perris endure the business of brutality beat up and tied up at the bare fisted fury of Bart Tyler and Steve Troy. Is Paul Perris still Can-Am's "Punishment King"? Can he take it longer, tougher, and harder than Doug Brandon did in KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT WRESTLING ONE? The answer's as close as your phone. Dial 1-800-603-5109 and order KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT WRESTLING TWO. We'll tell you this much. With a recently cut short hairstyle, the legendary Perris body has never looked better in a very small, very tight bulging yellow bikini. And the merciless punishment job the body wreckers Bart Tyler and Steve Troy do on Perris is an eye popping, jack-off tour-de-brutality. Who is Can-Am's Kick-Ass "Punishment King"... Brandon or Perris? You gotta see both to decide.

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