BG Wrestling

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CAST: Todd White, Tony Civiletti, Bobby Joe, Pete Krieg, Robert Reyn, Andrew Bishop, Alan Love, Serger Caravaggio, CJ, Tim Knight, Rapallo, Alex Carrington


RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2014

Bout 1: TODD WHITE VS. TONY CIVILETTI Our blond bombshell grappler, Todd White is back, this time taking on someone bigger than he is. But he`s more than game and as in Jockstrap Wrestling 8, gives it his all. The grapplers split the first two falls. Jocks are torn off at the top of the third fall and once again, can Todd White take the match? No, not this time. He loses the 3rd and, as the grapplers want to keep going, he loses the 4th and final. As well. It`s Todd that can`t continue. He doesn`t even have enough energy left to J/O, although he tries. Tony does, though. (Nudity, J/O)

Bout 2: BOBBY JOE VS. PETE KRIEG This is one tough match. The wrestlers injure each other constantly, but manage to continue. Each brutalizes the other. Krieg specializes in crushing scissor holds. Bobby Joe is scrappy, quick. But he`s also dirty. He wins the 3rd fall with a combination cock and pubic hair pull. He tries that maneuver yet again, but Pete toughs it out, comes back and takes the 4th fall, as he did the first and second. Bobby Joe cannot continue. Both are totally exhausted. But you have witnessed a very entertaining and unusually different kind of matchup and grappling. (Nudity)

Bout 3: ROBERT REYN VS. ANDREW BISHOP Bishop, the cute boy-toy grappler with the oh so plush butt. Robert thought so, and plays with Bishop throughout this match. Bishops` butt is felt up, his cock and balls groped. He`s put in all kinds of holds subject to Robert`s whims. Of course Bishop loses two straight falls. Post match BG features one of his first erotic oiling. Reyn oils himself up, then Bishop. The two go on to erotically interact with a J/O ending. Hot! (Nudity, hard-on`s, J/O)

Bout 4: ALAN LOVE VS. SERGE CARAVAGGIO Another boy-toy wrestler, hapless Alan Love, is yet again a grappling victim. This time the opponent is handsome and very muscular Serge Caravaggio who puts Love in his wrestling place twice!

Bout 5: CJ VS. TIM KNIGHT Rough, very aggressive grappling featuring some deadly scissor holds. Knight takes the first fall with one of his scissors. CJ grabs the second with a leg hold. The aggressive, now nude, grappling continues into the third fall as both wrestle for victory.

Bout 6: RAPALLO VS. ALEX CARRINGTON Rapallo has a real good time putting Alex in his place, which is on the bottom. He amusingly coasts through this matchup with the greatest of ease. Rapallo is a real showoff, and with his razor sharp defined body knows how to pose it to his best advantage, all the while wrestling Carrington into submission. He plays as much attention to the camera as he pays to his wrestling. Rapallo is constantly verbal and he gives an amazing J/O performance. (Nudity, J/O)

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