BG Wrestling

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CAST: Alex Carrington, Chris Noll, Cody Ray,Daniel Pryce, Geoff Black, Jason Lowe, Randy Roberts, Robert Larkins, Robert Reyn


RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2015

Bout 1: Robert Reyn vs. Alex Carrington - Alex is a lot taller and weighs more than Robert, but Robert more than holds his own through this match that BG would characterize as sexy. Finally Alex wants to bring things to a halt so he simply sits on Robert`s chest and arms, rending Reyn stationary. Alex then takes hold of his large cock and jacks-off all over Reyn`s chest. Nudity, Hard-on`s, J/O.

Bout 2: Daniel Pryce vs. Cody Ray - In spite of the fact that Daniel Pryce likes to be in charge of his matches, he`s run up against a tough opponent in Cody Ray. It`s Daniel that is spanked and roughed up. Daniel is a scrapper, but Cody overpowers Daniel every step of the way. Besides, Cody is motivated by Daniel`s cute butt. Two straight falls. It`s all Cody. Nudity.

Bout 3: Randy Roberts vs. Robert Reyn - Battle of The Blonds. Sexy, with nudity, hard-on`s, ass crack-surfing and J/O.

Bout 4: Jimmy Lee vs. Woody Knight - Very aggressive wrestling between cute blond Jimmy and buzz cut redhead, Woody. Jimmy doesn`t have Woody`s staying capability or hold knowledge, so its Woody in the victory circle in this two out of three falls match. Nudity.

Bout 5: Chris Noll vs. Jason Lowe - Chris has an easy, almost fun time of it, putting cute little Jason in his place, which is as a wrestling bottom. Jason is a spunky, doesn`t quit type of grappler, except when he`s in some good holds where he has to submit. But he`s Chris`s boy-toy wrestler. He`s spanked, thrown around at will. You can see Chris is having a good time putting him in his place. Nudity.

Bout 6: Geoff Black vs. Robert Larkins - Blond, blue-eyed Geoff is an S&M top and he brought his own rope with him. His aim is to tie up a defeated Robert and encourage him to jack-off. See how he does it. Robert ends up enjoying this scene as much as Geoff.

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