BG Wrestling

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CAST: Alan Love, Beau Beaumont, Brent Edenton, Chris Stone, CJ, Damien Bradford, Dany Barry, Frank Iowa, Keith Robb, Mike White, Robert Reyn


RELEASE DATE: 8/14/2015

BOUT 1: DAMIEN BRADFORD VS. CJ CJ had bragged that he would be the first wrestler to beat Damien, and he had every reason to because he is a good wrestler. But as this match proved, once again, Damien Bradford was virtually untouchable. This match was a long one, principally because CJ wouldn`t give up and Damien didn`t want him to. In hold after hold CJ gets humiliated constantly along the way. BG finally called the match a win for Damien Bradford as it became obvious after 20 minutes that CJ couldn`t lay a finger on his opponent.

BOUT 2: KEITH ROBB VS. BRENT EDENTON Brent recruits a cute guy to the wrestling mat. Keith has a great body, a hot look. He`s not a bad wrestler either as Brent Denton finds out. This match goes to a full two out of three falls.

BOUT 3: FRANK IOWA VS. DANY BARRY This match is short and sweet and surprise of surprises, Frank wins in two straight falls. BG thinks he must have worked on his aerobic conditioning since a previous wrestling humiliation in Jockstrap 2, which was a condition of his returning to the BG mat. Maybe he quit smoking? Nudity.

BOUT 4: CHRIS STONE VS. MIKE WHIT3E This is a semi-competitive bout between two very good-looking guys with good bodies.

BOUT 5: ROBERT REYN VS. ALAN LOVE This is another highly erotic wrestling bout featuring sexy Robert Reyn. Nudity, J/O.

BOUT 6: BEAU BEAUMONT VS. ROBERT REYN Beau was acting like a kid in a sandbox. He was having that much fun. Robert doesn`t know quite what to make of him. Robert is a slow precise performer, takes his time. Beau is highly charged. Seeing the two clash in a pro ring is a different experience.

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