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RELEASE DATE: 6/14/2010

DOP: 03/24/1998BOUT 1: MIKE O’BRYAN VS. JR. MR. PERUO’Bryan easily takes this all-out freestyle wrestling bout with several submissions. It helps he knows hold whereas his opponent doesn’t. His opponent is strong, knows defense, but he can’t close the deal with an offense. He doesn’t know holds. Seeing him struggle in Mike’s sleeper and scissor holds, finally tapping out, is great if you enjoy seeing muscle dominated. Nudity!BOUT 2: RICKY MESA VS. ROBBIE CARDENASWow! Mesa is limber as hell. He shows us how limber as he warms up before the match. From the splits to his acrobatics, this stocky dude seemingly has bones made of spagetti. The match against Robbie is highly entertaining. Mesa takes the match with two submissions, but getting there isn’t easy. There are a lot of high flying moves as only two lightweights can do them. Between Mesa’s acrobatics and Robbie’s flying, it isn’t easy to get holds on each other. The two strip off their jocks in the second fall. Mesa tries to choke out Cardenas with one but fails. His foot gets entangled in jock remnants and for a long time he’s dragging it around with him. There is lots of body punching in the second fall, plus two great J/O’s – Cardenas doing his in a most entertaining fashion, as always. Nudity and J/O’s.BOUT 3: DREW ANDREWS VS. PATRICK IVESIs it BG or does Drew sort of look like Ben Affleck? In any case Drew is certainly turned on into dominating Patrick. From the gitgo he’s nip and ass-biting, he’s hard kissing, he’s spanking, he’s jock snapping. Patrick, a stocky muscled dude, certainly looks like a wrestler, gives Drew limited payback. But with a combination full nelson and body scissors it is Drew with a first fall submission. In the second fall Drew forcefully strips off Patrick’s jock and stuffs it into his mouth. He also ties up Patrick with that jock. But Patrick, overall, equates himself much better in this fall, getting a submission. The third fall sees Drew completely dominating Patrick with more nip biting, some ass eating, spanking, cocksucking and finally a sit on the face smother submission. The after match sex is inspiring. Serious cocksucking, 69’ers, ass eating. Patrick jacks off Drew and Drew nip sucks getting Patrick off. Hot match!BOUT 4: KODY FIELDS VS. JEREMY RIVERSHere’s something different. Kody is trying to eat Rivers’s bubble butt and at the same time suck his cock and take off his jock. Rivers is trying to prevent all three things while at the same time trying to wring out a submission from Fields. Who wins? BG won’t tell, but the two do go on to a nice double J/O at the end of the match.

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