BG Wrestling

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CAST: Robebmy Pineda, Mike O'Bryan, Al Michaels, E.J., Jamoo, James West, Tico


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2011

JOCKSTRAP WRESTLING 20 DOP: 09/29/1994 BOUT 1: ROBERT LOWERY VS. SAMMY PINEDAWhen this video was shot, Robert was dancing under the name of the “Blue Demon” in the gay black clubs of Los Angeles. Why the Blue Demon? His eyes are blue. During his school years he lived in Colorado and was on the high school wrestling team. It shows to a certain extent in the holds he applies on Sammy. Sammy is originally from Southern California, had some bad luck, spent some time in prison. One good thing came from this: his body. He spent a lot of time working out. He has a great physique with washboard abs. Sammy has to rely on his strength to combat Robert’s wrestling knowledge. And that knowledge gives Robert the match in two out of three falls. He jacks up his huge cock and shows us a cumplosion as Sammy sits behind him, stroking his pecs. BOUT 2: MIKE O’BRYAN VS. AL MICHAELSAl is shredded muscle with not one ounce of fat. Mike is taller, weighs more, and certainly has much more wrestling knowledge. Al was a real trooper to go up against the more talented O’Bryan. And it shows. Mike controls this match and his opponent from start to finish. Al seemingly is immune to pain, and it takes a lot of work on Mike’s part to get this guy to submit. After two falls BG thinks that Al wants to quit, but alas they go two more. Where Al gets all his energy and willingness to be continually humiliated on the mat is a mystery indeed. Throughout this bout Mike spanks Al’s hot butt. It shows! Lots of marks and redness. Al’s butt is one of those asses that, with one spank action, can leave a mark. In the 4th and final fall Mike resorts to a lot of rough stuff and humiliation. He forces Al to jackoff and then gives us a cumshot of his own. Male domination and humiliation on the wrestling mat! As an added note Mike employs powerful scisssors holds, which on more than one occasion motivates Al to submit. BOUT 3: E.J. VS. JAMOOE.J. is a very hot native American blend possessing a tight muscled body. Jockstrap fans are blessed with a beautiful ass nicely framed. And a big bonus: E.J. has good wrestling skills. In this matchup E.J. dominates Jamoo throughout. You can tell E.J. has all the skills and Jamoo has virtually none. Nonetheless Jamoo loves being pushed about in this skin to skin grappling bout. With such a beautiful body as E.J. has, what on the mat gay grappler wouldn’t enjoy himself. BOUT 4: JAMES WEST VS. TICONot the best match BG ever videotaped, but the visuals more than make up for it. For those into macho hairy guys with mustaches, James West is definitely your cup of tea. For those into butts beautifully framed by a jockstrap, Tico is your cup of tea. Tico has lots and lots of energy whereas James is laid back. It tells on the wrestling mat.

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