BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 9/4/2013

BOUT 1: REN ADAMS VS. ANDY LENNOXRen is in the toughest match of his wrestling career. Andy is in charge most of the match, but cannot close with a submission. Andy grips and pulls on Ren’s balls, which motivates Ren to deliver one hell of a cumshot. Andy’s huge cock also delivers in volume. BOUT 2: DAMIEN BRADFORD VS. DANNY COBALTAnother slam bang victory for the incredibly talented wrestler Damien Bradford. All out freestyle wrestling in jocks. No nudity. BOUT 3: GEOFF BLACK VS. REX FULLERGeoff loves to dominate his opponents, but Rex proved to be tougher than most. It still didn’t stop Geoff from winning the match and from putting his opponent into bondage. He’s an Alpha Male most of the time. Nudity, J/O BOUT 4: BUDDY JUSTICE VS. ANDREW VALENTINOAndrew is a scrapper, no doubt. But Buddy does dominate and win this match in a good give and take bout. Nudity, J/O. BOUT 5: KEVIN BRYANT VS. MIKE O’BRYANAll out real combat freestyle wrestling between two of the better grapplers in the BG Jockstrap stable of wrestlers.

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