BG Wrestling

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CAST: Alan Love, Buddy Justice, Ivan Malek, Joe Smith, Kris A. Todd, Lee Baldwin, Pete Krieg, Storm,


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

Bout 1: Pete Krieg vs. Kris A. Todd` Heavy, all-out freestyle wrestling ferocity. BG used to obtain wrestlers from the old AMG Studios (Athletic Model Guild) in downtown Los Angeles. These guys did not hold back. They wrestled like their lives depended on it. Livelihoods, at least. Todd has the height and weight advantage and tries with all his might to get Pete to submit to a successive series of holds. Pete loves pain and says, "You`ll never get me to submit." Sure enough, Kris, although he tries and tries, can`t get Pete to submit. Yet the first good hold Pete throws on Kris, it`s all over. Kris submits. Pete explains what he did in the match to the camera after the bout. Kris just stands there, stunned.

Bout 2: Alan Love vs. Ivan Malek Two very muscled grapplers in a fairly competitive bout. Alan goes down in two straight falls with a unique head scissors and an arms behind the back submission. The two are very much into each other and go on to a hot J/O session. Nudity, J/O..

Bout 3: Lee Baldwin vs. Joe Smith For those who love seeing one wrestler pretty much totally control the other and take advantage of him erotically along the way, this is a great match. Lee Baldwin uses his huge, fat cock to slap Joe`s face, which is encased in his own stripped off jockstrap. Meanwhile Joe has a huge hard-on, which essentially means he is enjoying what is happening to him. Lee sits on his face and rubs his ass crack all over Joe`s mouth. Lots of nudity, hard-on`s, and a hot J/O session at the end. And Lee takes particular delight in tweaking Joe`s nips.

Bout 4: Buddy Justice vs. Storm Storm has a mouth. It certainly is a match for Buddy`s. Storm is confident of winning and says so. Buddy says, "In your dreams". As it turns out Storm`s mouth is much bigger than his wrestling ability. Buddy pretty much dominates him in this one fall match. Storm is very much into Buddy, as you will see in the post-match activities. Nudity, J/O.

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