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CAST: Bobby Lee Martin, Brent Denton, Daniel Pryce, Dusty Ryder, Fast Eddie, Johnny Johnson, Kevin Young, Michael Reuter, Robert Reyn, T.J. Swan, Tim Knight


RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

BOUT 1: BOBBY-LEE MARTIN VS. TIM KNIGHT This was BG`s first ever match taped under this title, but did not include jockstraps on the wrestlers. This oversight was corrected in all succeeding matches. Nevertheless this match features aggressive freestyle grappling with nudity. Bobby-Lee Martin dominates the first fall with lots of scissors holds. He grabs a submission from Knight with a combination scissors hold and ball grab. Bobby-Lee continues his ball grabbing ways into the second fall, but it isn`t enough to prevent his own submission to a tough headscissors from Knight. The third fall is nude, and one that goes back and forth before a winner is declared.

BOUT 2: T.J. SWAN VS. JOHNNY JOHNSON This bout is an all-black wrestler match. TJ has a very muscled body and is a good wrestler. This match features semi-aggressive wrestling with nudity.

BOUT 3: DUSTY RYDER VS. DANIEL PRYCE Daniel was a BG favorite. He loved kicking butt but more than anything spanking it. You`ll see some of that in this semi-aggressive freestyle match featuring nudity.

BOUT 4: ROBERT REYN VS. KEVIN YOUNG Of all the BG wrestlers who ever participated in these matches blond Robert Reyn was, by far, the most sexual. His matches were slow and overtly sensual. Nudity. He tended towards pro style.

BOUT 5: MICHAEL REUTER VS. FAST EDDIE Another BG favorite was Michael Reuter. Small but very, very aggressive. Great cut-up body. Usually wrestled people bigger than he was. In this case both wrestlers are virtually even in height and weight. This match took place in the BG Arena. Very, very aggressive wrestling. Michael more than met his match in Fast Eddie.

BOUT 6: BRENT DENTON VS. RORY YOUNG For those who like wrestlers with hairy chests Brent was a favorite. He didn`t know too much about wrestling and usually was on the losing end, but he didn`t ever roll over easy. And he always brought BG really good-looking guys to wrestle. He was one of BG`s better wrestler finders, but the hook was that he had to wrestle them. Since Brent was a real looker BG had no problem agreeing to this.

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