BG Wrestling

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CAST: Bobby Golden, Casey Loomis, Dusty Allan, Joe Armstrong, Kevin Bryant, Mike O'Bryan, Tommy Swift


RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

Jockstrap Shooters Wrestling

BOUT 1 BOBBY GOLDEN VS. CASEY LOOMIS This is an all out freestyle battle. Nice thing about lean, smaller wrestlers - they have lots of energy and can go for a period of time without getting tired and still have enough energy left to J/O for us. Both Bobby and Casey have it in spades. The wrestling is "no quarter given". Clearly Bobby Golden is the better wrestler, but Casey wins one with a real sleeper, and has his moments otherwise. Both, as you can see to the right, have huge cocks once they become hard.

BOUT 2 MIKE O`BRYAN VS. JOE ARMSTRONG Joe is big, muscular, strong, but he isn`t well versed on submission wrestling. Mike is muscled lean and strong and is definitely well versed on submission wrestling. This match is a shoot match - all-out freestyle wrestling to submission. Mike is fast and his goal is to get behind Joe and clamp on a sleeper. He does managed this, several times, but it comes as Joe Armstrong tires. Mike has it in him to go the distance, Joe doesn`t.

BOUT 3 BOBBY GOLDEN VS. DUSTY ALLAN Another all-out freestyle competitive wrestling match with many submissions. Clearly Bobby Golden is the superior wrestler, but Dusty surprises Bobby with some of his own reversals and holds. The two cooperate to a large interactive degree when it comes time to jacking off. Bobby jacks Dusty to a cumshot. Bobby`s cock is huge, so he has to jack himself, but Dusty strokes Bobby – assisting in the climax.

This DVD has three bouts. The opening of the DVD indicates four bouts but that was an error.

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