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CAST: Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Tyler Reese,


RELEASE DATE: 11/14/2011

Wait til you get a load of the body and face Boss Sexton has given to Can-Am star Jobe Zander to brutalize in "Jobes Justice". New muscle jobber Tyler Reese gets his balls handed to him as he endures the endless arsenal of Jobe's submission punishment holds. Mat veteran Jobe tries to intimidate young Tyler with bluster and smack mouth. But he's surprised at the skill challenge Tyler turns out to be. No matter. Jobe WILL win and Tyler WILL suffer for his impudence. Mr Zander will not allow his Can-Am reputation to suffer at the hands of an unknown muscle jobber. The action advantage tips back and forth. But low blows and treachery will always prevail over youth and muscles. In a particularly brutal ring corner assault, Tyle cries out "You're killing me. You're fucking killing me". Jobe pumps up the assault. Jobe continues to torture Tyler's truly spectacular body until he extracts the final submission locking him in an inescapable spladle you will shoot your wads over. Jobe Zander does what he does best.... destroy muscle jobbers. And stunning Tyler Reese does what he does best... so far. Suffer. Ask Mr Sexton for more of Tyler Reese. You're gonna love this.

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