Jeff Stryker's Underground

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CAST: Jeff Stryker, Derek Cameron, Logan Reed, Paul Morgan, Drew Andrews, Chris Anthony, J.C. Carter, Paolo Centori, Brent Cross, Eduardo, Luke Edwards, Hugh Scott, Rusty Scott, Kurt Stefano, Peter Wilder, Bret Winters, Anthony Gallo, K.C. Hart, Andrew Long

DIRECTOR: Gino Colbert

RELEASE DATE: 4/1/1998

Replete with gang bangs, bathroom trickings, sex club prowlings, cum dumpings galore, and of course the ever-present bison cock attached to our potty-mouthed hero, Jeff Stryker's Underground is still one of Stryker's best and biggest sellers to this day. No one knows the underground sex scene better than world-famous legend, Jeff Stryker. Stryker takes us on a shocking journey into more than just his favorite secret sex clubs, but into the very intimate desires and fantasies that make up this complex man of men. In this seven scene feature you will witness what you dared not even imagine, including a climactic scene where anything can happen.