Hung Hero


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CAST: Casey Everett,Juan Lopez

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 7/4/2017

Casey Everett (as Rage) vs. Juan Lopez (as Puma)

Heroic Puma has been captured by the malevolent Rage. The black-clad villain slinks and saunters with a sexual, feline grace, his dialogue demented and erotic, as he punches the bound hero’s abs and strokes his lycra-clad body with an erotic, brutal energy. Puma moans in pain and pleasure with every slap and stroke, until he is elevated and stripped, revealing a stunningly lean body and a massive cock hungry for Rage’s mouth.

The sexual chemistry between hero and villain is deeply felt, as Rage punches, slaps, and fondles Puma’s exposed, meaty, surprisingly hairy ass and chest, and licks him up and down. Rage feasts on Puma’s abs and pits, and worships the hero’s enormous cock with his willing tongue and throat, gagging on the veiny cum-rod with delight while stroking and punching his abs. Soon both hero and villain are naked except for masks and boots, Rage driving his own impressive cum cannon deep into the hero’s throat with sensual pleasure. Trash talk, sexual aggression, saliva, brutal oral sex between furious enemies, and the outstanding power of Juan Lopez’s massive meat rod makes Hung Hero a steamy torture session worth watching and cumming to again and again.

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