House For Sex

Jet Set Productions

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CAST: Rob Cryston, Marco Martinelli, Mark Evrett, Rusty Scott, Tim Burkhart

DIRECTOR: Randy Buck

RELEASE DATE: 5/23/1995

What changes a HOUSE FOR SALE into a HOUSE FOR SEX? Five very hot, very horny men who can't keep their hands in their pockets, their cocks in their pants, or their minds off sex. Rob Cryston is the muscular voyeur who seduces the hairy chested dad Marco Martinelli. Rusty Scott is the horny contractor; and Tm Burkhart is the contractors son who gets down and dirty with hiker Marc Everett. Shot indoors and outdoors at a construction site high in the Hollywood Hills... HOUSE FOR SALE is a very hot non-stop, stud-to-stud, action packed feature directed by Randy Buck.

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