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CAST: Beau Hopkins, Paul Perris,

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 8/26/2011

The last time these two Can-Am veterans mixed it up was in Canadian Muscle Hunk Wrestling 3. In that one Perris wiped the mat with Hopkins, and Hopkins has been itching for a re-match ever since. Here, long time Can-Am fans will notice that Perris, in a yellow bikini, has adopted a much shorter, butch hair cut. And they will also appreciate the continually refined and hairy chested body of Hopkins - shown to perfection in a grey bikini. In round one, Perris takes advantage early, putting Hopkins in a painful full nelson/body scissor. Flipping him over, Perris locks up Hopkins`s arms, and pounds the back of his thigh. Although Hopkins manages some good reversals, Perris takes the round. Hopkins comes out swinging for round two with a series of knock-the-wind-out-of-you gut punches. But after catching his breath, Perris manages to lock Hopkins into a few over the head arm stretches. Reversing out of those, Hopkins gets Perris in a camel clutch and round two is over. Perris launches round three with an ab kick followed by a series of ab, chest, and thigh fist punches that leave Hopkins winded. He manages to reverse out of a leg lock submission, locking Perris`s arms and torturing his nipples, before dragging him up off the mat for a clothesline. But Perris is clearly just too strong to go down, as he ties Hopkins up in the ropes for more forearm punches and kicks to take the round. Dragged into the oil pit, Hopkins has one last chance to seek his revenge and the two really go at it. Perris`s full leg splits while repeatedly elbow dropping Hopkins are not to be missed! This is the one to order for a truly sexy super match-up.

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