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CAST: Steve Starr, Steve Sterling, Bret Ballard, Riki Ballard, Shane Steel, Sledge Hammer, Vic Silber, The Golden Boy


RELEASE DATE: 7/6/2009

Steve Starr: 5’10”, 185#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 33yo
Steve Sterling: 5’6”, 180#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
Bret Ballard: 5’8”, 165#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 19yo
Rikki Ballard: 5’8”, 180#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 19yo
To BG’s way of thinking, this particular tag team match-up is a Dream Match-up. The Ballards, the teen villains, going up against two heavier, better built grapplers. And neither of the Steve’s is afraid to punch it out if necessary. So the Ballards have a heavy challenge before them, and the Steve’s have much to be cautious about. The referee is Vic Silver. Pins and submissions allowed. The Ballards appear in white trunks and black wrestling boots. Steve Starr’s attire: black Speedos and green wrestling boots. Steve Sterling’s: yellow Speedos and white wrestling boots. Mr. Teen America starts for the Steve’s team and Rikki starts for the Ballards. A BIG BODYSLAM awaits Rikki. Sterling lifts Rikki up again and presses him overhead like he was a workout weight, slamming him to the mat after the presses. A couple of suplexes later, Rikki is tagging in Bret for relief. A rake to the eyes, a knee to the stomach off the ropes has Sterling in trouble already. Some great teamwork in the Ballard’s corner has the compact teen contest winner in more serious trouble. Sterling recovers, tags in Starr. Starr immediately meets Rikki’s knee. He’s in trouble already. Bret tries t come in to double-team, but Vic Silver counts him out. Rikki stomps on Starr, then runs over and punches at Sterling. Starr recovers and launches a massive assault on Rikki, and so it goes. Great give and take grappling. Wonderful aerial action! Gobs of muscle on both sides. BG guarantees that if you like pro tag matches, great villainy, contest physiques, surprises, referee involvement, grappling chaos with all four men in the ring at the same time, you are going to love this long 51 minute, two out of three fall bout. This is the single best tag match ever done by BG Wrestling. See if you do not agree.

Shane Steel: 5’9”, 190#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 30yo
Sledge Hammer: 5’11”, 205#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 28yo
Shane Steel is a physique contest participant. BG asked him to give the crowd and you video viewers a sample of his physique posing. Steel obliged but the posing is cut short when Sledge Hammer blindsides Steel and proceeds to trash him, including throwing him out of the ring. But Steel doesn’t seem shaken by the attack. As he returns to the ring he greets Hammer with a barrage of his own. Hammer appears in yellow Speedos and white wrestling boots. Steel appears in white Speedos and black wrestling boots. Hammer goes on the attack again, throwing Steel into the ropes. Steel bounces off into Hammer’s big boot, back rakes, a knee to the stomach, punches to the gut, a clothesline, boot stomps, head butts to the stomach, and a gut claw. Shane tries to match Sledge blow for blow but falls short. In the battle of the “Hammer”, the 15# Sledge has on Shane begins to tell. A gut claw ends Shane’s hope for a first fall victory. Shane comes roaring out in the second fall. He’s out for revenge and a 2nd fall victory. He throws everything he has at Hammer including some forearm bashing on Hammer’s own head, a monkey flip, forearm smashes, an off the ropes leap into Hammer, but it is not enough. An eye rake and a stomach punch turns things around for Hammer who proceeds to beat the living shit out of his opponent. But Hammer gets caught up in the ropes and Steel temporarily turns things around, but not for long. The two continue like this throughout the second fall. Good give and take pro grappling, villainy supreme from Hammer. Good comebacks and assaults by Steel, but once again it isn’t enough. The juggernaut called Sledge Hammer is just too overwhelming. He trashes Steel, setting him up for his supreme “good-night” hold: The Sleeper. For Shane Steel, it’s all over. Hopefully there is a better wrestling day ahead, because it sure wasn’t on this one. Great action! Wall to wall muscle!

Steve Sterling: 5’6”, 180#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
Bret Ballard: 5’8”, 165#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 19yo
As a direct result of the tag team match-up earlier on this video, Steve Sterling issued a challenge to Bret Ballard. The two best wrestlers of both teams meeting each other for a showdown single bout. Once again you will be in wrestling heaven. Muscles! Good looks! Great Action! Both wrestlers are real pros. Bret appears in yellow Speedos and black wrestling boots. Steve appears in blue Speedos and white wrestling boots. Sterling is trashed through most of the first fall until he makes a slight comeback. The comeback gets better after he throws Bret into the ropes, pressing him like a barbell into the air. Bret is smashed to the mat in a major body slam. Steve slaps on a full nelson, and in a devastating maneuver raises Bret off the mat and twirls him round and round in the full nelson. It’s too much for Bret who submits almost instantly. It’s a major victory for Steve Sterling. In this two out of three fall match-up, he has just one fall to go. A big Steve Sterling bear hug greets Bret Ballard at the opening of the second fall. Steve hopes to crush the Ballard into submission. While this hold looks wonderful, it doesn’t make Ballard submit. The second fall sees some big blows exchanged between these two aggressive grapplers. When they lay blows and punches on each other, these appear to be very powerful, and they sure sound that way. A combination arm bar and hammerlock with Sterling on his stomach extracts a submission. The match is even 1-1. In the third fall Bret Ballard lays into Steve Sterling something fierce. The physical thrashing he gives Sterling is matched by continual verbal taunting. The punches are even harder. A savate kick to the stomach comes out of nowhere. Sterling is on the defensive. Can he overcome Ballard’s villainous onslaught, or will he fall victim? This one has a surprise twist-about ending that may leave you breathless or cuming or both at the same time???

Vic Silver: 5’8”, 175#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 31yo
The Golden Boy: 5’10”, 165#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
Direct from Chippendales, The Golden Boy consented to go up against a Muscleboy killer – Vic Silver. The Golden Boy indicated to BG before the match began that he had had some boxing experience. BG said to lay off the boxing, concentrate on wrestling. But if you think that the Golden Boy is going to be continuously trashed by Vic Silver, check again. Vic tries, that is for sure. But The Golden Boy is not all golden. He is tough, too. He comes back again and again, virtually matching Silver blow for blow in the first fall. His wrestling skills don’t match Vic’s however, so he ultimately falls victim to a figure four leg scissors, and Vic lays this one on for a long, long time, getting The Golden Boy to shout out his submission more than three times. As the bell rings for the second fall, The Golden Boy is stretching, warming up for the wrestling. He turns around and gets one of Vic’s elbows right on his noggin. Vic has blindsided the Chippendale blond and now proceeds to give him the trashing that he had intended to do in the first fall. This one-sided assault last for several minutes while Vic also taunts him verbally, wondering where his “fight” has gone. All of this eventually pisses off The Golden Boy to the point where he resorts to the main thing he knows, his defense for this moment: Boxing. He begins to lay into Vic Silver, and Vic Silver begins to feel the blows. But Vic is canny. He is waiting for his opening. He cannot compete against The Golden Boys boxing, but he does know where the kid’s balls are. The Mongoose strikes! The Golden Boy goes down. The Golden Boy is history, or so Vic thinks. There is one more shot left for The Golden Boy. Vic finds out. But is it enough to turn this last bout around for The Golden Boy?

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