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CAST: Cliff Conlin, Jacob Lord, Tyson Johnson, Frank Harris, Cooper Ramsey, Dane Tanner, Ron Burrell


RELEASE DATE: 11/12/2007


Cliff: 5’10”, 175 lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, 20 yo
Jacob: 5’ 7”, 150 lbs, bleached blond hair, hazel eyes, 19 yo

Jacob is a polyglot ethnic mixture from a variety of sources, which sources BG never discovered. But all that aside, he has a great body, with very pronounced pecs. He is the younger brother of dark-haired, handsome, Johnny Lord who appeared in Hollywood Muscleboy 8. From the outset of this bout he never has a chance in a total mismatch. Warning: Turn your volume down because Jacob suffers like few do. Cliff snares Jacob in hold after hold. After the bout was over, Cliff said, “BG, wrestling this dude was like catching a fish. He wriggled virtually non-stop on the end of my hook. He was a squirmer.” Indeed! Jacob wriggles and screams out his suffering as Cliff puts him through a complete course in wrestling brutality. By close to the end of the second fall Jacob’s energy level has been totally drained. When Cliff works him over in the ropes Jacob is completely zonked. One opponent down: 5 to go.

BOUT 2: CLIFF CONLIN VS. TYSON JOHNSON (This match is close)

Tyson: 5’7”, 160 lbs, 22 yo

Tyson added a few pounds since his matchup against Naturboy in Hollywood Muscleboy 8. Tyson has had plenty of pro wrestling experience. He’s also fast. Cliff gets the initial advantage throwing Tyson all over the ring, but later in the bout Tyson turns the advantage in his direction and literally goes on to squash Conlin for a first fall victory. As a result of this, Tyson holds Conlin’s talents in virtual contempt. “You’re nothing”, he yells at him. Tyson continues this carnage into the second fall, and the more he beats up on Conlin the nastier he gets. Then comes his ultimate nasty. He gets a strap, wraps it around Conlin’s neck and proceeds to cut off his breathing. Cliff is choking, slowly but surely going down. Tyson pulls him to his feet, and with the aid of the strap shoves him across the ring. Cliff ricochets off the far ropes, and comes sailing back into the near ones. He’s bent over the ropes. All the time he continues to choke. He’s shoved into the corner. Tyson climbs up on the ropes behind Conlin and wraps a second strap around his neck. Conlin’s arms and hands are flailing as he desperately tries to do something to stop what’s happening to him. At the last moment he grips Johnson, and brings him off the top rope to the mat below. Johnson is stunned. Conlin, desperately trying to get air into his lungs attacks, stunning Johnson some more. And in a startling turnabout it is now Johnson on the receiving end of a brutal payback attack. Conlin goes on to a come from behind victory in the second fall, something BG didn’t think was possible. The third and final fall is as exciting as BG Wrestling gets. They trade blows, body slams, and rope workovers. There are stunning reversals. Who wins?

BOUT 3: CLIFF CONLIN VS. FRANK HARRIS (Closer than it should have been)

Frank: 5’8”, 160 lbs

This is a downright embarrassing fall for Conlin because he is much better than this. Except for a few moments of Conlin control, it’s Frank Harris who pretty much dominates the fall. What is it about straps in this video? Frank gets one and wraps it around Conlin’s neck – choking him. It’s a fairly easy win for Frank who wins the first fall with a Boston crab. Conlin submits with the strap still around his neck. Frank suckers Conlin at the opening of the second fall with a stomach punch. He then proceeds to choke him some more and BG begins to wonder whether Cliff had his Wheaties for breakfast. It’s at this point that his talent kicks in – finally! He grabs Frank’s head in a scissors and from this point it’s the old talented Cliff we know and love. Harris finds out the hard way about Conlin payback. And he almost has his guts ripped out along the way. He submits to Conlin in the second fall to an excruciatingly painful stomach claw. Even though Frank Harris does have a few moments of domination in the third fall, there is no way Cliff Conlin will be denied victory. Harris is simply outclassed. He ends up over Conlin’s shoulders submitting as Cliff walks him around the ring.

BOUT 4: CLIFF CONLIN VS. COOPER RAMSEY (Ouch, another squash?)

Cooper: 6’2”, 170 lbs, 21 yo

On paper this would seem to be an even matchup, at least physically. But that is the best that can be said of Ramsey. This is a total and complete squash. Conlin is at his worst, or best, depending on your outlook, in this match. Cooper is totally destroyed in two straight falls. But Cliff does not stop there. In spite of Ramsey’s second submission in fall two to a walking full nelson, Cliff just keeps on going with a head claw, a backbreaker, asking for and receiving two more submissions. At the outset of Fall One, it quickly became apparent to Conlin that BG had sent him an opponent that couldn’t begin to measure up to Cliff’s talent. “Is this the best BG can send me? Well, I guess I’ll have some fun”. And with no one or no talent to stop him, Cliff Conlin has his way with the hapless Cooper Ramsey. Squash job lovers – you are in heaven on this tape with two beauties in two matches.

BOUT 5: CLIFF CONLIN VS. DANE TANNER (No squash, this one!)

Dane: 5’7”, 160 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 21 yo

Dane possesses a nicely muscled body, great legs, and a big shapely butt, which his trunks almost contain, but doesn’t. There is just something about the way he moves, the way he sticks his butt up in the air when on the mat. He’s pure fun to watch – visually as well as technically. And he’s good. He has had vast experience in amateur, having gone to the California State Championships. He also seems to be a natural for pro wrestling. He’s up against the best in Cliff Conlin, a supreme test to see if he has the “Right Stuff”. The match starts slow in the first fall, picks up steam in the second, and it sure is the stuff that cliffhangers are made of in the third. Cliff wins the first fall, loses the second. Both badly want to win the final and each pulls out all the stops to short circuit the other. Lots of back and forth. Just when you think one wrestler is going down, presto, he comes back and gets the other into trouble. Then when you think the other is in trouble – Bang! – he comes back and takes the advantage. That advantage changes a number of times until someone finally comes out on top.

BOUT 6: CLIFF CONLIN VS. RON BURRELL (Amateur grappling)

This match is a bonus. Both Conlin and Burrell have extensive amateur wrestling experience. In a bout to test these skills, Conlin and Burrell go up against each other. There is a decided weight advantage for Conlin as you will see, but once off his feet, the skilled Burrell maneuvers Conlin in a variety of ways that subject him to some real competition.

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