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CAST: Cliff Conlin, Doug Avery, The Wild Boy, Rich Stevens, Tony Benneditti, Kurtus Beefcake, Scott Randsome, Chris Wayne, Fightin Mike, Mike Pope, Scottie Nguyen


RELEASE DATE: 9/5/2007

Bout 1: Cliff Conlin vs. Doug Avery
Cliff: 5’10”, 175 lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, 19 yo
Doug: 5’10”, 185 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, 28 yo

Those who have previously seen Cliff Conlin know he’s an accomplished wrestler in both free and pro styles. He starts off aggressively against the larger and vastly more experienced Doug Avery, taking Doug to the mat using his freestyle skills. But Doug soon turns the match to his own advantage, matching Cliff’s aggressiveness and upping the ante a notch. A slow slaughter commences and BG thinks that Cliff is in a matchup way over his head. But Cliff does the unexpected. He shoots a forearm directly into Avery’s crotch and lays him out. Suddenly the bouts shifts to Cliff’s advantage. But it doesn’t last for long as Avery eventually regains the advantage. The first fall shifts back and forth in a great give and take manner. But the experience Doug Avery comes out on top with a surfboard. Conlin gets Avery in a bearhug in the second fall but it doesn’t work. He gets his eyes raked. He then shifts his strategy to Avery’s legs. While the fall does shift back and forth in terms of advantage Conlin keeps to his strategy. He eventually takes the fall with a crotch ripping banana split. With sweat pouring off the grapplers, they commence their all-out assault on each other for the deciding fall victory. It’s an epic battle that one will win.

Bout 2: The Wild Boys vs. Rich Stevens and Tony Benedetti (a Wrestling Rumble) The Wild Boy 1 (WB1): 5’6”, 145 lbs, Brown hair, green eyes, 20 yo
The Wild Boy 2 (WB2): 5’7”, 164 lbs, Brown hair, hazel eyes, 19 yo

Rich: 6’1”, 193 lbs, Brown hair, blue eyes, 20 yo
Tony: 5’5”, 149 lbs, Brown hair, brown eyes, 23 yo

Rich and Tony are in the wrestling ring, practicing holds and moves. The WB’s come into the ring area expecting that the squared circle would be empty and discover “interlopers”. With their testosterone at a fever pitch and spoiling for a fight, the WB’s attack and suddenly its chaos. Tony and Rich never have a chance. The Wild Boys (a team consisting of Chris Wayne and the original Wild Boy) are all over them. WB1 throws big Rich Stevens around like a rag doll. Many times throughout this bout WB1 literally ties up his opponents with a black strap. This “rodeo” type of attack enables the wild ones to work on first one then the other, slowly reducing them to mince meat. WB1, known for choking out opponents, and with an assist from his partner, turns out the lights on both.

Bout 3: Kurtus Beefcake AKA Scott Randsome vs. Chris Wayne AKA Wild Boy II
Scott: 5’8”, 187 lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, 19 yo
Chris: 5’7”, 164 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, 18 yo

Chris Wayne, one of the Wild Boys, has let his victory over Rich Stevens and Tony Benedetti (see HMB 7 Bout 2) go to his head. He thinks he is tough shit and can take on anyone. Seconded by Cliff Conlin, Scott Randsome shouts out, “Where’s the Wild Girl?” There is no love lost between Scott and Chris. This is one reason Cliff decided to second Scott, as neither of them like Chris, in or out of the ring. This gives this match some added tension as you’ll see and hear. There is much verbal banter and badmouthing that goes on between these two. Scott’s muscle makes a difference in the first fall as Wayne goes down to a series of bearhugs. After a lot of give and take in the second fall Wayne emerges victorious with a sloppy boston crab. In the third fall Randsome manages to outlast, defeat and humiliate his “Wild Girl” opponent. An airplane spin sets Wayne up for a series of mean top strength full nelsons.

Bout 4: The Wild Boy vs. Fightin’ Mike
The Wild Boy: 5’6”, 145 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, 20 yo
Fightin’ Mike: 5’5”, 145 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 26 yo

This matchup is almost a perfect blend of height, weight and talent. Mike comes into the ring with some secret combat talents that will become apparent to the Wild Boy as the match proceeds. It is BG’s hope that the Wild Boy will get his comeuppance in this match. BG specially chose Fightin’ Mike to kick he Wild Boy’s ass. But BG’s hopes are dashed in the first fall as The Wild Boy, in business as usual, chokes Fightin’ Mike into oblivion with that fuckin’ bandana of his. In the second fall Fightin’ Mike starts to do what BG chose him to do, employ some of that secret weaponry he has trained for. BG has to hand it to the Wild Boy though. He keeps coming back for more and handing out some of his own rough stuff. But, ultimately, in this second fall, Fightin’ Mike reaches into his bag of tricks and comes up with a doozy. This one, a painful nerve hold, leaves the Wild Boy out cold in the middle of the ring. The final fall has to be seen to be believed. There will be no attempt at a descriptive narrative here, except to say each pulls out all the stops to defeat the other, including the nerve hold and the bandana choke.
Who wins?

Bout 5: Mike Pope vs. Scottie Nguyen
Mike: 5’9”, 170 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 19 yo
Scottie: 5’9”, 150 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 18 yo

BG’s only Vietnamese wrestler takes on very muscled Mike Pope. Scottie has ripped muscularity, knowledge of wrestling, and is a competitive grappler. But he doesn’t have that killer instinct which would allow him to take the match. Mike has experience in BG wrestling and while it takes him two out of three falls to gain a victory, he unleashes some pretty tough wrestling against his opponent.

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