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CAST: The Wild Boy, Tony Benneditti, Doug Avery, Roy Hastings, Scott Randsome, Sonny Thomas, Christopher, Buddy Justice, Kurtus Beefcake


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2007

The Wild Boy is 5’6”, 146 lbs, brn hair, green eyes, 20 yo
Tony Benedetti is 5’5”, 149 lbs, brn hair, brn eyes, 23 yo
The Wild Boy is a miniature version of Conan, don’t you think? When he flies through the ropes (his way of entering the ring), you cannot deny his high energy, his crazy behavior, his way of intimidating his opponent. The video opens with the Wild Boy working out in the dressing room of the gym – pumping up for his impending matchup with Tony. Tony comes into he room and you will view both a verbal and physical confrontation. A third party steps in to separate them - none other than Buddy Justice. He manages to separate the two and tells them to take it to the ring. It’s a back and forth tussle in the first fall, but Tony manages to tame The Wild Boy with a leg full nelson submission. It’s a long hold because the Wild Boy refuses to give in, but eventually has to. But as soon as he is loose from the hold he goes nuts and attacks Tony. Buddy has to come in between them, once again, to separate the two, ordering the Wild Boy back to his corner to await the bell for the second fall. The Wild Boy gives Tony a wrestling lesson in the second fall, getting him to submit to a boston crab. When the bell rings signifying the start of the third fall Tony turns around to find a stampeding Wild Boy on top of him. He’s given a big body slam. Tony has not had much of a chance to recover from the second fall and he is already at a disadvantage in the third. Eventually Tony is softened up by a sleeper then thrust across the Wild Boy’s back for an across the shoulders backbreaker. The Wild Boy says to the camera, “You could be next,” as he flexes his baseball biceps over the fallen Tony Benedetti.

Doug Avery is 5’10”, 185 lbs, brn hair, hazel eyes, 28 yo
Roy Hastings is 6’1”, 205 lbs, blond hair, brn eyes, 22 yo
Seems many of Doug’s friends are pro wrestlers and he has “fun” grappling with them from time to time, but never before appeared professionally in a ring. The fast pace and competence of the pro wresting these two do is very easy and enjoyable to view. To Doug, Roy’s extra 20 lb weight advantage is nothing and he tosses him around the ring easily. But Roy is no pushover. He and Doug have a very even first fall until Doug gives him a cheap shot in his balls. From there Doug takes over and goes on to win the fall with an over the shoulders backbreaker. Doug presses his advantage in the second fall, throwing his opponent all over the ring. Roy eventually is thrown from the ring and is and beaten with a handy stool. Later in the fall Doug gets his compuppance outside the ring, the stool this time is in the hands of Roy. Back in the ring Roy traps Doug in a sleeper hold. Scott Randsome chooses to enter the ring at this point to rescue his friend Doug. Roy manages to turn the fall around slapping Doug into a camel clutch and securing a submission. The third fall is totally wild, but again – what goes around comes around. This time it’s the Wild Boy entering to rescue Doug from a harrowing situation who then goes on to win the match. Meanwhile the Wild Boy and Scott Randsome confront each other, almost coming to blows, before they agree to meet in the match immediately following.

Scott Randsome: 5’8”, 180 lbs, blond hair, brn eyes, 18 yo
The Wild Boy: 5’6”, 145 lbs, brn hair, green eyes, 20 yo
Scott Randsome (he was called Kurtus Beefcake back when this video was originally released, so you will hear those in the crowd referring to him as Kurt), a competitive bodybuilder at 18 years old, is in training to enter a physique contest. The Wild Boy enters the ring at breakneck speed, confronting a formidable opponent with an advantage of 35 muscled pounds, even if the Wild Boy has better wrestling skills. But the Wild Boy’s strength is amazing. All you have to do is to take a look at those well-developed bi’s and tri’s to know anything is possible. He manages to body slam Scott; throw him out of the ring in addition to securing many different wrestling holds. Scott isn’t squashed by any means and the Wild Boy has his hands full. But Scott does lose the first fall to a Wild Boy boston crab. Check out the amazing muscle flexing the Wild Boy does in getting Randsome to submit. Scott Randsome can’t seem to get his act together in the second fall and the Wild Boy is giving him one long wrestling lesson. The guys ragging in the “bleachers” urge Scott to “be strong”, to make a comeback. But it is the taunting by the Wild Boy that appears to awaken Randsome. He slaps on a series of bear hugs on the Wild Boy, which eventually has him screaming in submission. Needless to say the Wild Boy does not like losing. He’s chomping at the bit to attack. But Randsome has discovered a neat hold, the bearhug, and he’s going to press that advantage. He has the Wild Boy reeling, until Randsome falls victim to the Wild Boy’s bandana that he wears around his head. He applies it in a vicious choke. Randsome blacks out. The Wild Boy looks at the camera and says, “The Wild Boy is back”, then runs from the ring into the locker room.

Donny Thomas: 6’, 180 lbs, blond hair, hazel eyes, 20 yo
Roy Hastings: 6’1”, 205 lbs, blond hair, green eyes, 22 yo
Donny came to BG recommended as someone who had ring skills. He claimed to be a big fan of pro and even though he had not had ring experience he could accomplish what was required for a good ring match. BG therefore tested him with his big guy, Roy Hastings. BG liked the way Donny looked. He has a slim, defined, muscled body that many like. He also looks sexy as hell in his red trunks. Regrettably Donny’s pro wrestling skills fell somewhat short, but the disappointment was more than tempered by the holds Roy puts Donny into and the muscle, ass and crotch displays that result. One of them is a surfboard hold that Donny submits to in the first fall. The second fall is much the same as the first, with Roy giving Donny another pro wrestling lesson. Donny reverts to freestyle wrestling to get out of a lot of the holds, but Roy eventually tames him with a backbreaker over his knee. Two straight falls for Roy.

Buddy: 5’8”, 155 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 25 yo
Christopher: 5’8”, 145 lbs, brn hair, brn eyes, 27 o
This is a total squash job – by Buddy. Not only is muscled Christopher totally trashed from the beginning (Buddy waylays him at the locker room doorway as Christopher is entering the ring area) but never has BG seen anyone or heard anyone suffer as much as Christopher does at the hands of any one grappler. Buddy throws every hold and then some at Christopher. Countless times he could have had Christopher submit but he pulls him back from the brink only to put him there again and again. You may wish to turn your sound down so that Christopher’s loud suffering doesn’t sound so loud.

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