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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Christopher Bruce, Drake Davenport, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Kyle Bruan, Michael Vineland, Rio Garza,


RELEASE DATE: 8/20/2010

If you're among those that think more is better, then Hollywood Fight Club 3 is going to deliver more machismo action and concentrated testosterone rushes than your poor heart can stand. Boss Sexton has brought together eight (8) very hot studs to battle it out in the tradition of Can-Am's enormously popular Fight Club 1 and 2. Get a load of these exclusives... Michael Vineland, Drake Davenport, Rio Garza, and Aryx Quinn. Plus fan favorites Jobe Zander, Donnie Drake, Christopher Bruce, and Kyle Braun. You know the fight club drill. All eight studs are matched and rematched against one another in a loser elimination battle royale. Your Can-Am favorites show up, strip down, and oil up while bad mouthing and sizing each other up on an industrial set perfect for illegal, winner take all fight club action. The insult dialog doesn't stop, and you can slice the times-eight attitude with a knife. The fight schedule is finalized. Each fighter arrives with his $400 bucks in cash which builds the total winner's pot of $4000.00 CASH... PLUS THE COVETED CAN-AM EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT.

The mat action explodes. Every wrestler body type combination. Every dirty trick. Countless submission holds. And every possible outcome is up for grabs. Who's your favorite? Who wins? This video delivers more action from more stars than you'll need to blast your best load. Over and over. It's all yours when you order Boss Sexton's Hollywood Fight Club 3. More than your money's worth. More than you expect. Guaranteed.

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