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CAST: Jamie Stroud, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2017

Jamie Stroud enters the ring with an impressive display of Spiderman-like athleticism, stretching and tumbling with the grace and flexibility of a dancer or gymnast. He may look sophisticated, but the moment he faces his opponent, it’s all trash talk and tenacious dares, as his massive cocks bulges in his sleek, grey speedos.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ tear you up!” he barks at Logan Scion, who returns his every remark and dare evenly. The threats and buildup to this fight are nasty, sexy, and red-hot. Forehead-to-forehead, they lockup and circle, grinning with sadistic pleasure before they crush each other, booted feet tangled, balls teased and tormented, abs pounded, and faces ridden hard and long until the final ball abuse session on the turnbuckles that may go down in history as the most brutal and erotic of all time!

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