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CAST: Jason Striker, Logan Scion


RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2016

Jason Striker vs Logan Scion

Damn boy! Hollywood stud Jason Striker looks like he ought to be go-go dancing to pay his bills. That long, lean, tanned and toned body is a poem of perfection, as is that full-lipped, prettyboy face. The sight of his stretching and working his muscles mid-ring in yellow glossy lycra and red boots is a poem in motion. Enter the lone wolf, Logan Scion, in a pair of barely there spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination. These two have faced off before, and the aggression between them is deeply felt.

These two were made for each other, practically designed in a lab to fight forevermore. With grins of gleeful anticipation, they circle, then strike. Programmed to trash talk as well as work each other over, you’ll feel your boner hardening as they start in on one another's lean and toned arms. They tie up like wet ropes, exchanging positions of power nicely. Scion slaps his bitch in the face, and Striker responds with a strike Scion’s abs. Scion wipes his sweat all over Striker, then brutalizes his balls, twisting them like a jammed door knob!

These guys are so evenly matched, it’s almost ten minutes before we take this fight to the floor. On the floor, Scion goes to town on Striker’s pretty ass, a favor Striker eventually returns! Striker puts on a serious scissor hold, using his dominance to yank and twist scion’s cock shaft. Every second of this brutal battle feels like watching two life-long lover/enemies one-up each other with highly sexual domination techniques. At one point Scion puts his face so close to Striker’s you’re almost certain they’re about to kiss!

One man losers. We are the winners!

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