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CAST: Jason Stryker, Jordan Reyes

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

If there`s a school for inspiring eroticism, or just for being sexy as fuck, Jason Striker graduated with honors. This lithe and lean, olive-toned stud has a body, and a package, that just begs to be tussled and tossed around. Try not to gasp when he drops to his knees, arms stretched behind his head. Full-lipped and dark-eyed, with a perpetual "fuck me" facial expression, this red-clad kid`s every move seems designed to inspire sensuality and raw sex.

Enter Jordan Reyes, in green trunks that barely contain his glorious assets. Equal to Striker in sexual bravado, Reyes steps forward with determination and daring. He`s totally that talkative, shirtless bar-back from the club, the one covered in glitter and tats, working that ass, much to his patron`s delights. Only today he`s not working for tips. Today he`s at play, with Striker, in the ring.

These guys talk to each other like old friend, until Reyes lays into the first cheap shot on Striker`s impressive pack. Just when it seems like the fight is on, Striker finds himself pressed against he corner, where Reyes strokes his abdomen and neck is a completely erotic fashion, only to help himself to a handful of Striker`s pendulous cock. That red speedo makes it hard to ignore. Reyes moves with an almost balletic grace, working his "opponent" into any number of seductive, and agonizing holds.

Pecks are grabbed, nipples are twisted and tantalized, and Reyes never stops grinning. You`ll be grinning too when red and green packages accidentally run and bounce against each other, and lean abdomens brush and slap together.

"I love it when you squeal!" he admits, beaming with pleasure as the boytoy suffers, now ensnared in the ropes.

These guys are hot, but they`re a helluva lot hotter together. The mere sight of two such equals in hotness in close contact is enough to make many viewers giz like a cannon. Wait until they move to the floor, arms and legs entangled and tied like boy-scout knots.

"Mmm, yeah, I like the way that body feels..." Reyes confesses, sending a searching hand cruising down Striker`s body in search of a nipple to abuse. Striker throws his head back and takes the punishment that he never asked for, gasping, begging, but never giving in. Soon Reyes is straddling that torso, pinning Striker`s arms at his sides and going to town on that cock and balls until Striker is actually crying for mercy.

And just like that, these guys are back to being competitive friends again, all sass and smiles, until Striker decides he`s ready to get even. Jaws will drop when Reyes is muscled into a surprisingly painful back-breaker, feet pressed to head, face in the mat. One wonders if Striker knew Reyes could moan so much, but is it our of pain, pleasure, or both. Striker cranks his opponent`s package like a broken doorknob, groping his abs like a little devil, and slapping that green-clad as with relish.

It`s a back and forth fight from start to finish that ends in a pleading tap out complete with screams, begging, and unquestionable, bicep kissing victory. But the journey there is the adventure.

Nudity is easy, eroticism is hard. Once again, Can-Am and brilliant director Ron Sexton prove that without even a scrap of nudity, complete and total eroticism can be achieved. Check it out now, in one of the hottest pairings we`ve ever seen. Here`s hoping this particular rivalry/friendship gives us many more matches to come!

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