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CAST: Jamie Stroud, Jason Stryker

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2015

Prepare yourself for a welcome change in tone! So often our matches involve rivalries between wrestlers, hard-bodied giant men out to squash, trash talk, and humiliate one another. Now we invite you to return to the ring, in our newest addition to the Erotic Pro Wrestling series, with a match that seeks to retool our aggressive tone with a pair of wrestlers who come at each other from places of mutual respect and admiration...and a twist of sweet erotic attraction as well. For starters, this match features what we can honestly describe as "cute" guys. Smaller in size, youthful, smiling, positive, and endearing, these two scrappy studs bring an air of lightness to the ring. Adorable Jamie Stroud, in orange trunks with sexy black boots, is a tight-bodied gymnast. Just try to look away from the screen while he moves through a series of lifts and handstands that require tremendous strength and agility. When puppy-like Jason Striker enters the ring dressed in black speedos and pearl white boots, with all the intensity of a guy just passing by the golden-skinned, dark-haired, endearing dude offers to help the gymnast stretch. They compliment one another`s bodies, paying special attention to thighs as fingers brush and grope delicately. Each guy is grinning from ear to ear, lavishing attention and praise on the other with a chemistry that is so rare to find. The spark is apparent. The wrestling will help move things along. They lock up, forehead to forehead, both grinning like Cheshire cats. Stroud catches Striker in a headlock, which affords the former a view of Striker`s "assets", which he can`t help commenting on. "I don`t know what`s better," a blushing Strikers says. "Being so close to your body, or you holding me so tight." "They`re both good, huh?" Stroud agrees. Stroud wrenches Striker`s arms behind his back, thrusting his pelvis into him. Nobody seems to mind. Tight help wrestling holds give way to long, luxurious muscle massages. "Now I get to feel your body and you can`t do a damn thing about it," says one "fighter", while trapping his opponent in a back-breaker. The victim just laughs, moans, and enjoys the pressure. "You`re enjoying this, aren`t you?" asks Stroud. "I don`t know if it`s those strong muscles, or if it`s just you in particular," says Striker, before getting a facefull of Stroud`s armpit. Rolling, stroking, laughing, and so many compliments only charge these guys up more and more. Mounted pins give way to abdominal stroking and pressure, scissor holds give access to clenched asses, stroked so tenderly. It`s almost like edging, watching this, because just when you think they`re about to fuck, the fight starts again. This match captures all the excitement and sensuality of that first contact moment, when two young guys find a mutual attraction, as well as an appreciation for wrestling. The pure eroticism contained here proves again and again that nudity and sex are not necessarily needed to build a completely satisfying arousal. An erotic work or art, this is one title you will watch from beginning to end. No skips. No stops.

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