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CAST: Ace Collins, Jamie Stroud, Beta Cruze, Logan Scion, Jordan Reyes

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2014

Hollywood. Land of dreams. Often described as one of the most dominant places in the world. Imagine the erotic pro wrestling...

We invite you now to join us in the darkened ring, where five different dreams-come-true will duke it out in tests of strength and skill, with a seriously sexual edge. These men are here to do business, take each other to the cleaners, and fight like hell.

MATCH ONE: Long and lean Ace Collins is a tall terror in very revealing green speedos. His tight torso and exquisite ass and thighs move across the screen with tantalizing fluidity. He is pale, youthful, and in possession of a tangled, wiry strength. Soon he is face-to-face with raven-haired Jordan Reyes, a latino god with flawless posture, tantalizing armpits, and massive endowments encased in a barely there yellow speedo. This is a the battle of the body art, as each man is decorated in some of the most stunning tattoos ever displayed. Intricate symbols and figures only emphasize these straining, sensual muscles.

This is a match of long, strenuous holds, groaning, tooth-gritting grins, and trash talking straight from the streets. Ace challenges Jordan to fight harder. Jordan gasps in raspy, agonizing pain as the taller man works up a sweat torturing his boyish frame. Particularly cruel is a long-held punishment that gloriously displays Reyes` awesome, hairy armpits, and leads to an over the knee abdominal claw and nipple twist that has both punisher and punished screaming.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Collins taunts, sounding less like a professional wrestler and more like a boy winning his first after school fight.

When the tables turn, you`ll need to be prepared for crotch abuse, forced apologies, and ass-to-ass leg scissors.

"Take that, bitch!" Reyes fires back, going to down on the taller man`s testicles.

For 45 minutes these men fight, until one of them is left limp and totally fucking useless on the floor, groaning in a puddle of his own weakness.

MATCH TWO: How do you put a boy like Beta Cruze into words? He is beyond beautiful, a vision in caramel tones, with wide, wondering eyes, a drop-of-sugar grin, and black-as-night hair. His voluminous cock and balls bounce tauntingly, or drag on the ground when he does push-ups, barely contained by his purple speedo. His dark, delicate nipples and tempting armpits only seem to be inviting you closer and closer.

Logan Scion can`t ignore the otherworldly beauty of his stunning competitor. Perhaps the lean, shit-talking, blue clad asshole is jealous, because he doesn`t waste a moment, immediately diving in to do as much damage as possible to the prettyboy.

"I don`t know if I want to fight you. You`re kind of pretty. I might mess that pretty little face up," he sneers like a school bully. Cruze survives the pain beautifully, suffering the moments of pleasure and pain, like when Scion strokes his smooth thighs and abs, only to attack his nipples a moment later with full-handed claws. At one point Scion clenches the lad`s head so tightly it seems, for a split second, that they might kiss. Then he starts in on the spanking. How could anyone resist that purple clad ass? Soon Cruze`s head is trapped between Scion`s powerful thighs, his arms entangled in the ropes, as the nasty boy punches and pummels his flawless, widespread ass.

Ball abuse...nipple torture...sweaty face raking...and those too few moments when they almost kiss...that`s what real erotic wrestling is all about.

MATCH THREE: Jamie Stroud enters the ring with confidence, stretching out that compact frame. He is small, especially next to his opponent. But what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in spirit. Ace Collins is back again, this time trimmed in grey speedos with a purple side stripe. This might not be a match made in Hollywood heaven, what with the size difference (Stroud barely comes up to Collins` pecs)...but there`s a unity between these two, an almost brotherly connection that is intriguing to watch develop.

Unlike the previous rivalries we`ve seen, this match begins with the two men helping each other stretch. You won`t believe the complicated and surprisingly erotic positions they are able to twist each other into. Straud is particularly flexible. There is a laughing tenderness here, like nothing we have seen before. This is the calm before the storm.

When these men finally lock up, the trash-talk alone is enough to cause a cum-otion. Collins manages to put the pint-sized player in a head lock, all while flexing his opposite bicep and daring his opponent to give up.

When finally wrestled to the floor, both men sigh with something almost akin to contentment. Who would want to be anywhere else? Soon they`re struggling on the floor together, Stroud`s hips and stunning package bouncing up and down in a furious attempt to break free from the tattooed man`s sweaty embrace. No amount of stretching could have prepared him for this.

Next comes the ball abuse that has Stroud bent over like bitch and crying like a baby while Collins practically crushes the cum out of his junk. There is no escape. There is only pain. And one, final kiss goodnight.

True eroticism has little to do with nudity or actual sex. True eroticism can spring from the simple connection between two willing participants. Hollywood Erotic Pro Wrestling 1 is a study in true eroticism.

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