BG Wrestling

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CAST: Ren Adams, Josh Andrews


RELEASE DATE: 6/21/2011

HIGH STAKES WRESTLING 7REN ADAMS VS. JOSH ANDREWSYou have to be tough and able to take it when you wrestle Ren Adams. There is no one dirtier or tough on his opponents than Ren. One has to be masochistic in order to not only enjoy what is happening but to survive. Muscular Josh is no exception. Ren spanks his butt, slaps his back and torso, squeezes his balls and cock, sits on his face, and countless other humiliating tactics. But no matter what Ren does, Josh just screams his pain and bounces back to take more. He finally, after what seems like an eternity, submits. But what Ren takes in the wrestling he gives back in the sex. To a very willing Josh Andrews he gives a hard fuck, sucks his cock and jacks-off on him. With Ren sitting on his face, Josh enjoys jacking his own cock. Very rough freestyle wrestling with a sexual ending.

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