Hero Training


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CAST: Michael Vineland aka Robert Axel, Jimmy Clay, Tyler Ford

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/26/2014

Orange Ranger (Jimmy Clay) and Blue Ranger (Tyler Ford), friends to the end, arrive in the Hero Training Lair in complimentary colors, two visions in ass, bicep, thigh, chest-emphasizing lycra. If your childhood Power Rangers were suddenly transformed into exquisite models of sex and sensuality, you couldn`t ask for much more than these two toned terrors, each one concealed from head to toe. But the story is only just beginning, when a brown clad, and unfamiliar sex ranger appears on the scene. Any fan of our products will recognize the unmistakable physique of the one and only Michael Vineland...but Blue Ranger and Orange Ranger do not know this tempting stranger, who quickly sets his muscles against theirs in one torturous test after another. Ab punishment seems to be the order of the day, along with back breakers and violent knee drops. And just wait for the glorious moment when the sadistic Brown Ranger smashes his stained, cum-white boots squarely in his victim`s baskets and steps down hard.

"Hey...this isn`t training..." one victim finally realizes. "This is fuckin ass whoopin!"

At last the masks are stripped off, revealing the sweaty faces of our three most beautiful men. Vineland is the watchful eagle, gazing intently.

"I demand respect!" Brown Ranger barks. "On your knees!" He attacks their manhood, double-fisting the terrified heroes, before moving on to this most diabolical plan...

Unmasked, Orange and Blue stand face to face on opposite sides of the darkened lair, equals in size and strength, but smaller by far than their new boss, who has a sadistic game for them to play. They must fight each other for his entertainment, each man standing strong against the other. Every pin will earn the loser one leather and steel restraining cuff, the purpose of which we can only imagine.

Orange and Blue, who were once fearful of the Brown Ranger, now stand taller than before, staring each other down. The prospect of an arranged fight makes each man`s mouth water, and they immediately tear into each other, all under the watchful gaze of their master. The very idea of tearing you eyes away from the screen once this twisted fight begins is impossible to imagine. You could cut the tension with a knife.

"C`mon, fight!" cried Brown, as Blue and Orange lock up. Asses in your face, cheap shots, embracive pins, headlocks, finger-locking tests of strength, faces twisted in pain, and lycra clad arms and legs tangled together in a battle between two boys who look alike enough to be brothers. All too soon the fight gets personal, piercing, and rough. Brown intervenes at last, involving himself in the tussle in a way that leaves Blue groped and vulnerable, and open tarted for Orange`s violent advancements. The punishments are quickly reversed.

At last the restraints are put into action, leaving both Orange and Blue strapped hands to feet, with a kinky S & M clothed Leatherman standing over them. Shadow-casting pecs, bare feet, and probing hands take their time expressing full ownership over the bound bastards, until he has the greatest idea this century and makes them service each other, stripping them of their costumes...and their dignity, in the hottest three-way, super hero sexual encounter we have ever filmed. Every second is worth watching again and again, as these big lipped men kiss and suck...as these big dicked monsters fondle and nearly fuck, in a shoot that has each man captured at his most vulnerable, most fuckable, and of course, his most ragingly hard. Tightly clenched abdominals will glisten with cum, in the light of Hero Training.

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