Hero Play


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CAST: Michael Vineland aka Robert Axel

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2013

MuscleGOD Michael Vineland stars in this series of short vignettes showcasing our favorite bodybeautiful stunner.

Vignette One: MuscleBound
In a red Speedo and black cape our hero is over the head wrist and ankle bound to a bench waiting upon the Black Spider to work him over good and slow. This is definately a stunning visual to watch the BIG hero broken down slowly.

Vignette Two: Hero HogTie
Now in a too tight yellow Speedo our hero goes from zero to sixty, as bodyparts are bound together over time until everything cvomes together in a nice and tight hogite.

Vignette Three: On The Rack
Bound to the rack in flashy grey/purple posers, our hero is worked over real good by the Black Assassin. Our hero suffers long and HARD.

Vignette Four: Slimed
Cuffed at the wrists and connected to a motorized winch, our purple suited hero is stretched to his tiptoes waiting on our gas-masked villain. A long series of body blows to soften up our Hard Hero does the trick. Now he's ready for the gelling which is a real mess and takes away every ounce of energy our hero had remaining. Lowered down to the mat the gelling continues until our hero passed out.

Vignette Five: Jack-Off Time
Our hero rocks the yellow and black hero gear we put him in for this close up look at his muscled body and rock hard shaft. The camera makes love to our slowly stripping hero who then takes his meat cannon in hand and rocks one out for all of us.

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