HardHeroes Pro Wrestling 4


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CAST: Cameron Matthews, Donnie Drake, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Rio Garza, Trevor Matthews

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2015

Get ready for the fight of your life, as heroes crash, clash, beat, and battle each other in the only place that can house the powers of true greatness...the ring! The question, as ever, is who`s the best? As kids, many a Hard Heroes fan lined up every action figure, only to pit them against each other in elaborate tests of strength and skill, trying out different pairings and different holds. Hard Heroes Pro Wrestling 4 is the grown-up version of that fantasy, brought to throbbing, erotic life by four of the hottest heroes imaginable. Fire Starter (Jobe Zander) is a flaxen-haired hero in skintight red and gold attire. With an ability to channel the very fires of doom, he is ready to take on any opponent, shooting burning blazes of heat and horror from his fingertips. Purple Haze (Donnie Drake) is not afraid, causing mini earthquakes with his impressive shock waves. Purple Haze is a beast in fitting purple lycra that leaves his washboard abs and powerful chest completely exposed. The two impressive specimens toss each other from one end of the ring to the other, until Haze mounts a fallen Firestarter, straddling him like a pony and sending a violent shock wave through his flailing body with fists and fury.

Ice (Rio Garza) and Electro (Cameron Matthews) face off in matching dark purple and yellow attire. Twins, right down to the masks, these two heroic hardbodies have a score to settle, going exposed chest to exposed chest, in a leaping, pounding, sometimes crawling on hands and knees beat-down battle of revenge. Booted feet against windpipes...blasts of blue electricity, and sharp threats and taunts make this battle of two seemingly equal enemies a true struggle for supremacy. Soon Electro is facing off against Purple Haze is a ferocious fight that shakes the roof and sends sparks flying. Lighter purple plays against darker purple, and these heroes give as good as they get in this exercise in flawless flying, flipping, and landing, all while tormenting each other with words, fists, kicks, and crotch attacks. Which shade of purple will emerge victorious? At last the fighting comes full circle, with a raging battle between two age old enemies...fire and ice! "Time to finish you off," Firestarter says with confidence, certain his powers of heat will melt sex-on-a-stick Ice. Only Ice seems to be the more powerful one, overtaking Firestarter in a series of frozen blasts that render the red-clad lad completely useless. But the tables turn abruptly, changing hands again and again as these two sworn enemies take turns topping one another with larger and larger blasts of heat and cold. "I`ve no intention of losing today!" one combatant roars, standing over his fallen foe.

It`s a vivid, colorful, comic book inspired battle of heroic hunks.

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