HardHeroes Pro Wrestling 2


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CAST: Skip Roberts, B-Rock, Brent Everett, Chase Dryburgh, Chris Cummberland

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/20/2003

Hard Heroes Pro Wrestling 2 opens with our Twink Hero Duo- Brent and Chase -practicing their fighting skills in the ring. BIG mistake! This ring belongs to MYSTERIO, and our villain fighters are about to become his prey. For a "twink", Brent Everett has an incredibly ripped, muscular bod. And his hero boyfriend Chase has made great muscle gains with his workout regimen. But they are still no match for super fighter Mysterio who immediately attacks them both, repeatedly pounding them into submission so he can strip them of their superhero costumes. Who do these Twinks think they are? Mysterio begins unlacing their boots, then forces them to unlace and remove each other's boots while in various holds. Eventually the Twinks' gear is strewn all over the ring, with them both down to their tightly packed little speedos. Exposing their identities, and using their tights to gag each of them, he rope ties and binds the helpless duo. The two are left bound and gagged for anyone to use. This one has lots of hot pro moves, low blows, and relentless twink punishment.

Match two introduces the HOT BODS of B-Rock and Chris Cumberland, as Stinger and Red Fist. These two are fed up with Mysterio and his grandstanding. They plan to capture, punish, and reveal to the world just who Mysterio is. They challenge Mysterio to a midnight match in the ring. With Mysterio stretching and pacing in anticipation, Stinger sneaks up to surprise Mysterio. But Mysterio is too skilled and quickly takes over with a punishing camel clutch. Red Fist is hiding in the background, and sneaks into the ring for a double-team. But Mysterio's experience wins out and he slowly beats each down. Disabling Stinger, he ties Red Fist's wrists and ankles, so he can keep punishing Stinger - extra slowly and painfully. He strips both to socked feet and tight red posers. But surprise! The Duo manage to regroup and get back to their agenda: unmasking Mysterio. Slowly, they rip-strip Mysterio out of his gold hero costume down to his tight purple posers. Double teamed, double stripped, and surrounded by his gear, is this it for Mysterio? Order up and find out!

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