Hang'in Up (HardHeroes Vol 11.)


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CAST: Buck Wyld, Hector Alvarez, Matthews, Jay Moore, Paul Lasalle

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

CAN-AM's in-house director Beau Bradley unleashes his newest "comic book" Hardheroes adventure HANG' IN UP complete with four muscle heroes and their evil nemesis Sinister.

Starring Jay Moore as Laser geared in yellow and red; Matthew as Wolf geared in purple and gold; Paul LaSalle as Blazer geared in red and yellow; and Buck Wild as Wasp geared in dark blue and yellow. Caped in black and gold, the evil Sinister lures the fab four to his secret hideout intent on capturing and humiliating our Hardheroes forcing them to fight each other and satisfy his depraved sexual appetite. Just as planned, first Wolf, then Wasp, then Laser, and finally Blazer enter Sinister's secret headquarters and fall victims to gasses that render them helpless to defend themselves. One by one Sinister drags his muscled heroes deeper into these dungeons and suspends them side by side by their wrists above broiling heat boxes. Then one by one Sinister puts electro-shock captive control collars on the heroes, takes them off their broiling boxes and sexually amuses himself with their rock hard bodies and cocks. Stripping his captives out of their hero suits, Sinister humiliates them, forces them to fight each other, and perform sexual acts for his depraved pleasure, all in his warped efforts to break their wills. But the Power of Four is not so easily conquered. Willing themselves to think as one, the Hardheroes break from their chains and overpower Sinister.

As payback, Sinister is forced to wear multiple electro-shock captive control collars and suffers the same pain and sexual humiliation he had tormented the fab four with. Director Bradley drenches his scenes with smoke and steam and lurid comic book colors. His hero’s suffer heroically. And Hector Alvarez plays his evil Sinister character with over the top zeal. All this adds up to a classic muscle hero comic book adventure purposely left open for a sequel. But there's more. A short Bradley bonus adventure titled "Mister Takes Down Blue Ram" bringing back Hector Alvarez as Mister Dyno geared in black rubber with his paralyzing spray, and Matthew returns as the muscular Blue Ram geared in tight light blue rubber. There's struggle between good and evil. There's bondage. There's rip stripped muscular sexuality. And, of course, there are cum shots... both in "Hang'In UP" and "Mister Takes Down Blue Ram." Your money's worth is delivered big-time in this heroic muscle bound comic book video adventure.

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