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CAST: Doug Brandon, John Thor


RELEASE DATE: 12/14/2007

"FOOTBALL WRESTLING" combines two of mans' most physically intimate and punishing full contact sports, and explodes as Can-Am's most innovative video wrestling fantasy to date. Produced at Can-Am's all new gym / wrestling / studio facility in Toronto, "FOOTBALL WRESTLING" is the latest product to further define Can-Am's clear and obvious supremacy in the video wrestling arena. "FOOTBALL WRESTLING" matches Can-Am's sadistic in-house terminator Doug Brandon against one of Can-Am's sexiest bodybeautifuls Thor. Head-shaved for this amazing meat-beater, Thor looks like a young, better looking, better muscled Yul Bryner. And in "FOOTBALL WRESTLING's" plotline, Thor is an overeager, beautifully muscled, rookie quarterback badly in need of an attitude adjustment by the team's Captain Doug Brandon. Authentic in every detail, The Captain and the Quarterback suit-up in full official football uniforms... the padding, the tights, the massive shoulder gear, their team tops, the helmets... layer by layer, from bulging jockstraps on up. After some warm-up blocking skirmishes... tempers flair, challenges fly, and the match is on. The first fall is hard fought, full contact brutality in full gear with the muscular quarterback losing after suffering one hell of a beating. Both athletes return for the second fall bare chested wearing only their second-skin white tights. Thor's determination and muscularity win him the second fall with a surprise sleeper choke hold. The jockstraps get ripped off soon into the third fall in which the Captain mounts one of the most calculatedly sadistic wrestling squashes you've ever witnessed. After endless suffering, Thor loses both fall and match to the Captain's payback sleeper choke hold. The match may be over, but the quarterback's pain and humiliation have just begun. Thor regains consciousness finding himself spread, stretched, and tied up helplessly in a ring corner watching in disbelief as his Captain straps his shoulder gear back on. Thor's full contact body blocking lesson must be seen to be believed. You've never seen a body this spectacularly muscled take this amount of abuse. Thor's stamina and endurance for limitless punishment is a wonder to witness. But the Captain still isn't finished with his quarterback's instructional workout. Untied and dragged semiconscious from the pro ring to the oil pit, the Captain further brutalizes and humiliates the weakened but sexually aroused musclejock beyond your wildest expectations... finally delivering and explosive team cum-shot. "FOOTBALL WRESTLING" blatantly exploits both sports' brutal intimacies in the sexiest ball crunching, ass slapping, pec pounding, body racking, endlessly agonizing, cum shot splattered, body beautiful punishment wrestling fantasies ever produced. QUESTION: What other wrestling production company goes to this much expense, effort, and detail to bring you the hottest, freshest, most dependably excellent wrestling product and service in the industry. Only one company... Can-Am, of course. Enjoy!

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