Close-Up Men

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CAST: anthony ericson, austin black, bud lighter, mike radcliffe, scott mann, tom moore

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

If you are into boot worship and foot licking, toe sucking, cocksucking and butt fucking then this video has all that you could ask for . Six hunky models get sexy and obsessed with the feet, dicks and butt of each other. It is very erotic as the camera focuses on all this sexy action. When the tops say suck and lick, those boots and feet get clean and wet as the bottom lets their tongues go traveling. When the tops say suck again, this time it is a rock hard cock that gets the action. The tops also take their turns to get a thick hard prick between their lips. Then when the tops say bend over the bottoms bend 'em and spread em for some great ass pounding action. Close-Up goes farther with foot worship than most other companies. You get the foot worship and the toe sucking and then the cock sucking and the fucking. Hot Hot Hot!!! Watch these dudes blow their loads when they are so horny they can't stop the cum from shooting.

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