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CAST: Jordan James, Thaigo Diaz, Tyler Reese


RELEASE DATE: 4/14/2012

Double Feature: Since you've seen Thiago Diaz last, you'll notice he's spent a lot of time at the gym. His deeply shredded musculature is at once amazing and breathtaking. First match pits Thaigo against very hot Tyler Reese. A little taller, but beautifully proportioned. Check out Tyler's chiseled six pack. For your prolonged pleasure, the boys take turns punishing each other to their limits. Lots of gut punching, pec pounding, nipple twisting, and did I mention gut punching. Gut punchers rejoice. Thiago and Tyler work up heavy sweats working at punishing each other. It's a beautiful thing. You might be surprised at who wins match 1. Match 2: Thiago is back and bulging out of lemon yellow proud pouch trunks. Damn he's hot. Now enter tall, dark, and tightly muscled Jordan James who also can't help but notice Thiago's bull balls swingin' low. Big yellow balls. Begging to be bashed. Over confident, Thiago eventually goes down under the endless attack on his 6-pak abs, thick hard pecs, and juicy sensitive nipples by a very determined and aggressive Jordan James. Rumored to pump off 500 Marine crunches at one time, Thaigo's "Marine" trained abs take everything a Marine could take. These three wrestler athletes Thiago Diaz, Tyler Reese, and Jordan James put on one helluva muscle exhibition pro wrestling show for your guaranteed wads. They sweat. They suffer. They beat each other up mercilessly and endlessly. Which ever wrestler you want to see suffer... not to worry, he suffers. This is a hot video. Swoop it up.

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