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CAST: Tom Flex, Doug Brandon


RELEASE DATE: 6/18/2007

One of the most creative and original wrestling videos to come out of Ron Sexton's Can-Am Productions was his mega hit "KICK-ASS BODYBUILDER FEUD" starring Paul Perris and Roman Stone. "KICK-ASS" combined a variety of kick-boxing / wrestling gear / and wrestling styles. If you're one of the thousands who loved "KICK-ASS," you're going to love this bodybuilder-bash action bruiser simply titled "FLEX vs. DOUG BRANDON."

After a much-missed absence from the mat wars, Can-Am / Challenger body beautiful superstar Flex is back in action, looking hotter than ever, and gets the beating of his life from Ron Sexton's favorite mat sadist Doug Brandon. Flex's fabulous body in revealing blue trunks and blue boots, takes a relentless and merciless working over by nasty-by-nature bad boy Doug Brandon.

After loosing painfully in the wrestling ring, flex is bound and gagged and dragged to the oil wrestling pit, then unceremoniously stripped bare assed for his Doug Brandon Advanced Pain Threshold Endurance Lesson. Blond muscleman Flex's big juicy cock and near perfect ass glistens in this mighty muscles-in-oil marathon squash match.

Nobody looks hotter and sexier getting mauled and manhandled than Flex. And nobody mauls and manhandles movie star good looking musclemen better than Doug Brandon. If you get off on watching a beautiful man with a killer hot body take the beating of his life... Flex suffers just for you at the sadistic hands of show-no-mercy Doug Brandon. Remember, if "KICK-ASS" pushed your buttons, then "FLEX vs. DOUG BRANDON" is a must for your permanent collection. And for $39 bucks, you simply can not go wrong. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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